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The Tryctor - A three wheel multipurpose mini tractor for smallholder rural farmers

Providing smallholder farmers with a one stop solution for crops processing and easy transportation access to markets and storage facilities

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Nigeria is the highest producer of Maize in Africa, producing 8 MMT annually. Maize is the most widely grown and consumed crop in Nigeria today. Maize Farmers usually experience about 40% losses annually due to lack of proper processing and also inability of farmers to easily transport the harvest to markets and Storage facilities. Nigeria has Africa largest 100,000 Metric Ton Silo with other Silos (25,000 - 50,000MT) in every zone of its 6 geographical zones for farmers to deposit their grains. With the Tryctor, farmers are able to easily subscribe to our services by simply using their mobile phones to call or send text messages to our hotline requesting for on-site processing and transportation services. Having different tryctor units positioned in various rural farms providing various mechanized services for communities of farmers within the same area. This way we are able to provide low cost services to these farmers due to the large collective size of crops to be processed and transported within the same area. Farmers will pay anything between $1 - $30 for the various services provided. We would also identify and locate the nearest storage Silos around their areas and transport these grains there for storage and future retrieval for sale at a later date when there is a decline in market supply thereby increasing the farmers profits. Farmers will also have a choice of markets we have identified where they can transport their grains to for immediate sale.


Smallholder crop farmers in selected rural areas of Nigeria. These farmers usually experience 20- 40% crop losses and wastage due to inefficient processing methods with little of no access to markets and storage facilities. With the introduction of this Tryctor service, we expect that farmers will experience a 40 - 60% increase in annual income. This idea will eventually be scaled to other parts of the country for various Millet, Sorghum, Cassava and Cowpeas farmers in different communities.


Yes, it is. Our initial target area is the North western part of Nigeria, and later scaled to other West African countries which also have Maize, Millet and Wheat as staple crash crops.


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I am an Automobile engineer with more than 18 years of experience in the agro-design and engineering industry specializing in providing low cost, locally produced products which address socio-economic needs in Africa in a cost effective manner. I run my company Bespoke DC Ltd in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Tryctor is a low cost multipurpose mini tractor modelled on a motorcycle. With the attachments of various implements, it will provide mechanized services for smallholder rural farmers such as

1. Land Tilling - ideal for smallholder farmers to plough their fields eliminating drudgery, reducing weeks of manual labour to just a few hours

2. Crop Harvesting 

3. Crop Processing - by increasing processing times by as much as 70% over current manual practices.

4. Harvest Transportation - Providing an easy pathway for Farmers to access markets and Storage facilities.

When coupled with a processing implement, it will shell 15 tons of Maize grains daily (with a break loss ≤1%, non-threshing loss ≤1%, Flying loss ≤ 0.5%.) and Milling dried grains into flour for immediate market sales.

With an attachable trailer, The Tryctor is capable of transporting  45 tons of grains / produce from farms to markets daily.

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