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The Farmer's "Alman-APP" - weather apps for farmers

Develop a smartphone app similar to iPhone's weather app that projects how the season will be for each crop they are interested in growing.

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My idea would use the smartphone technology that many are already used to (i.e. the iPhone weather app) and to broaden its capabilities so that farmers could not only access weather projections, but also an analysis based on forecasts that could provide information about how a particular crop season is expected to fare any given week, month, or year. Additionally, it could offer recommendations and advice for how to care for crops if the weather projects an unseasonably dry, wet, or cold season, which would demand an adjusted type of care in order to grow the crops successfully. The app would not only assist farmers with weather projections, but also act almost as an encyclopedia of sorts for the best outcomes when growing crops in difficult conditions. The app would be tailored to certain regions of the country and also provide projections for crops that are more native to those regions. Farmers therefore could have equal access to information that will determine how crops are going to do any given season, similar to a farmer's almanac, but with more up-to-date information as weather data is reported to the farmer's smartphone on an hourly projection, rather than annual one.


Farmers across the United States could take advantage of the Farmer's Alman-APP.


I envision it as an Apple app only because Apple has monopolized the smartphone market, but could also be created for other smartphones and tablets.


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I consult my weather app on a daily basis to determine the outfit and other necessities I will need to get around the city during an average work day. Why shouldn't farmers be able to do the same to determine the care their crops need to be successful during a growing season? A smartphone app could be developed categorizing the crops most farmers grow, and use an algorithm based on weather projections to determine how that particular crop will do that growing season. It could be based on geography just like a standard weather app is, and target specific regions that tend to grow specific crops (e.g. potatoes in Idaho, apples in New England, etc.)


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I am not sure whether making an app with basic functions and pretty design would be costly.. the exact price is hard to be found, I have come across some figures there though, sounds not bad

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Hi there,
I think you will be interested in this article too - called "Agriculture software and agriculture apps for Android phones change the world"

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Hi Maryalice,
Good thoughts there. I believe if the app is achievable on Iphone, all platforms can be integrated as well plus an SMS  gateway as most poor farmers who this idea might be replicated to may not have access to smart phones even as cheap as they are becoming. Thumbs up!

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Hi Maryalice,

I love it!  If I could give you two hearts, I would.

Please make it so farmers in the rest of the world can use it too! (They generally don't use Apple, so please develop Android as well.)


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Hi Maryalice, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.