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Revalorization of Waste waters for a Productive Organic farming on farms in world

Domestic wastewater is an inexhaustible resource. They contain OR-Ganie, an enrichment of agricultural land.

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Yes worldwide, partgout or there are farmers who produce the food database


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The Biological Cleansing (A.B) with its process “Pit Biological" lyseconcept is a revolution in the approach and the treatment of domestic waste waters.

It does not use any filtering device, it does not produce pas de residues of muds and the water of rejection at exit is used for immediate watering of the vegetable garden

It is a total and final biological concept biotechnological economic ecological.

Its performance épuratoire at exit of the process of 90% is supplemented by avegetalized discharge system which suits him to purify the ground of diffuse pollution carrying the whole with a performance of purification to more than 98%.

The concept is declined in the form of project:

- Individual cleansing of habitat

It CEBRE information system strategic plan of Biological Cleansing of urban area. it removes the sewage treatment plant and the infrastructure of the collecting system of the traditional collective cleansing.

It PORJECT waste waters for a farmingIt Recycling project of water Banks food for a honorary reintegration in the work world

It Recycling project of water vegetalized Biodiversity Pushes back the flood and fights against the erosion of the grounds The A.B has a teaching action of safeguarding of the environment


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Photo of Cj Kruse

I noticed your post and I have a couple questions to try and help me understand the concept better! First off, how is the water purified without the use of a filter? It is unclear to me as to how this system operates. Secondly if the water is 98% pure when it is finished going through the purification system why could it not be used for drinking water as well? This project would have been a great idea for the Water and Sanitation Challenge that was previously posted! I hope to hear back from you soon as I look forward to learning more about your project!

Photo of Jean Marius D'Alexandris

 Hello Cj Kruse
In this post, we see the completely uneducated person of the biological phenomena that nature offers us. Take the case of the leaves of the trees. They fall to the ground, and the following year they disappeared. There is a process of destruction that MOTHER NATURE puts in place for this type of plant biodiversity. We must go back to the basics: any plant biodiversity is an organic matter. As soon as the cessation of LIFE in his body (circulation of the SAP from the roots), the process of his disappearance is committed. Off you should not see this process as a pure and simple disappearance. You need this approach: this organic matter feeds a living.
How the disappearance of an organic matter does to feed a living while disappearing. This is the complexity of nature that I will explain with an another organic material.
In the ocean a fish dies. His body will be eaten by all agencies scavengers microphones that make up the aquatic fauna. From the largest to the largest small.

With the plant organic matter is more complex because if some microphones organizations will participate in the feast, the disappearance of the plant is very fast.
The critical factor is the water.
A filter is absolutely not a Purifier. He holds following particles filtration capabilities. Except that it is used it is less efficient, more it is used more successful organic mass putrid and loses its - biological-features

We must read the presentation: I'm not saying that water is pure 98% I say that process purifies wastewater to 98%. Except that it purifies for 98% which is - biodegradable-. Urine is absolutely not - biodegradable-. Some body of organic matter are still present in fine particles. This organic material is beneficial for the enrichment of the Earth. It is good to reject in the environment.
However in part water wastewater hang out of the billions of chemical particles, (some are biochemical). Urine contains: urea, ammonia, nitrate, nitrogen, potash, phosphate, phosphorus, and many other little important components when it comes to the urine of a person. But when it's the urine concentration of millions of people these trace components are very dangerous.
Thank You 

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