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Making the SDGs Local Business in Cameroon through Ndanifor Permaculture Education Center

Nature Based Community Enterprises Achieving Social Innovation through Green Entrepreneurship

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We offer a solution that uses local materials only and is in the hands of those who use it: the women! Women will have more time available for business or community activities, because less time is spent gathering firewood and cooking. When women earn money they invest in the family: school fees, health and welfare Opportunities for creating businesses Improving the Environment: less pollution through clean burning Saving forests through reducing firewood consumption by 60-70% Smoke free kitchens: better health for women and children Fire safety: fire is inside the stove, away from clothing and reach Affordability: All local (low-cost/ free) materials Women know their stove and can make improvements and repairs. Skills are transferable and can also be used to make home improvements


Training women as trainers for local sustainability We select and invite individuals from each workshop to help facilitate other groups and become part of a trainers network. Teaching skills, workshop organization and small business development are planned topics of a follow-up training. Social business venture A social business under BetterCoop will design, build and repair custom stoves. As social business this will support further workshops. BetterCOOP advice, train farmers +market channel




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I am a social entrepreneur and youth activist working for the global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica working with African Ecovillage initiatives

In 2012 Better World Cameroon started replicating its Eco village community center concept developed in the Eco literacy Center in Yaounde in 1996 in rural areas in Cameroon. From knowledge of the four keys of sustainability learnt from the Global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica we  resolvesd that Eco village and Permaculture community centers are the best principles to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Bafut and open up fair trade agri businesses to the world. Follow updates

The Bafut Eco village community center today is just four years of sustainable and economic work through generating adaptive governance among the people and designing a model of cultural and social development based on green economy.

We started be registering the first Peermaculture Cooperative in Cameroon to advice, train farmers and ensure market channels. This to ensure food sovereignty and food security in a holistic way. Secondly because we cannot have a community  without land, we set up we set up the 5acre Ndanifor Permaculture Demonstration site as an intentional summer school for youth entrepreneurship and this is helping the young people develop themselves in a way that they now have the capacity to transform the Bafut community. The focus on this initial stages is on rain water harvesting, replenishing ground water and enriching top soil through composting. Together with planting trees this is enhancing the ecosytem and cultivation of organic crops for fare trade and local consumption.

The Bafut Ecovillage overarching aim is to become one of the show case ecovillages of GENAfrica fostering economic development by creating valuable ecological agriculture out puts. The achievements so far which let Bafut Ecovillage to be awarded the Gaia Trust Excellence Award 2015 of the most inspiring project of GEN Africa has been the collective effort of the project team acknowledging the African solidarity and love education that allows young people to regenerate the culture of peace. The strength of Bafut Ecovillage comes from natural appreciation of the rich heritage of our own roots and traditional wisdom. The Permaculture Community Center has played a vital role of connecting Bafut to networks worldwide but lacks communication infrastructure.

Joshua Konkankoh


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Joshua Konkankoh Great to meet other permaculture supporters in this group. I hope your approach goes well! What permaculture practices have you found people most excited to adopt? 

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I love your idea, it gathers the best farming and business experts in a town to give talks and classes. Like the TED talks we have in the west. 

I think you should turn your idea into a Franchise that can be started anywhere too. You can make these training larger, like social events, which can be ways for farmers to learn and meet vendors in their local communities they were not aware of which could help their farms.  The vendors pay a small price to set up booths at the event to market their services at the talks--those fees will be used to fund the event and pay the teachers of the classes. 

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Thanks Shane
I have published. I wish you're able to continue stewardship for me on how to use this new platform.
|Accept my high esteem for the great work.