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Growing Future

Let's create the global open platform that coordinates farmers with buyers, while creating strategies for fair trade and maximum efficiency.

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We will design an online platform, with all the requirements needed to manage all the information necessary to trade, create effective strategies and impact the agro industry as a hole. All the variables of the industry like packages, unit measures or types of farmers will be stored and so that successful trades can happen. The platform is designed with 6 profiles in mind. Beginning with organizations that are linked to the groups of farmers, buyers( general managers and sales manager), advisors for the farmers and a commercial team. Each organization is provided with a private market place that they can manage or they can offer their products on a public market place where all the users from different organizations can be seen. The profile for the farmers advisor is designed for the person in charge of having a direct relation with farmers, so that he can manage all their information. Here they can subscribe farmers with all their information like crops, offers or renovation circles in a calendar to easily track their activities. For the buyers we have developed profiles for the general city managers and the store sales managers, so that their needs can be registered and orders can be placed while they help build the biggest and most precise demand database, so that farmers can align their production with the market. All the registered information will be accessible for all our users to easily analyse in the different dashboards. So that all busts his efficiency.


Small farmers through all types of organizations that can improve their efficiency, reach and develop strategies, that will have a higher impact on the communities they support, while all the organizations interconnect to provide real time data.


We want our platform to be used on a global scale, so that all farmers actions are coordinated with the world needs, an through this stabilize farmers income.


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Growing Future is a team from Colombia, South America. We got together after seen the huge inequalities that farmers faced for trading their products at a fair price, and realized that their biggest enemy is the lack of information. We believe that interconnection between associations is the key.

Growing Future is a service designed to improve farmer’s efficiency, currently restricted by lack of connections with buyers and market knowledge that leads to food waste. We solve this providing institutions in the agro industry with the tools to manage direct trade straight from the farmers, up to date information of the industry, and precise demand requirements in the cities. Through a platform that allows them to upload their information and access a unified database, to  develop effective strategies and sell all their produce, decreasing food waste due to commercialization barriers and excessive production without a clear demand. We keep track of the behavior of the agro industry and trade in a transparent manner. Leading to the smart food industry of the future.


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Growing Future is based on a model that empowers people through education and technology.  In addition to creating new market opportunities it has the potential to have great social impact and transform entire families lives, many of the farmers which the program supports have little to none business acumen and mindset due to lack of knowledge. Growing Future promises social transformation as it scales.

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Hi, I think your idea is really important to teach farmers and society about new business strategies , marketing, distribution and development that generate added value to products and processes generated in the field.

I think the idea has great potential because it allows you to connect businesses and farmers, generating a high volume of trading , so let me know what do you have contemplated to ensure product quality and timely delivery to final customer?

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Our approach is to facilitate our platform to the organizations that are already working with groups of farmers and helping them better their produce, to bust their efficiency and reach. On top of this all users will have reputation stats based on buyers satisfaction. Doing this we reward farmers that have the best quality checks on their deliveries.

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Hi there. I really like this idea and see it as a really valuable clearinghouse. When I've seen ideas like this before they've struggled to be financially sustainable with the web development, hosting, and data collection costs. Do you have any thoughts on how you'll generate revenue? Advertisements? Charging larger scale companies?

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We think that the best way to collect data and strength the platform is to make it open so that any organization can use it to manage their farmers and buyers. Doing this we don't assume the costs of data collection.
We generate revenue through 2 strategies. First by charging a monthly fee to big organizations for every farmer registered to the platform (around 1 dollar a month ). The second revenue stream is to actively manage marketplaces in the chosen locations. This management would provide all the fiscal infrastructure farmers need to reach end costumers plus the benefits of the online platform.