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Epowering Technology in Agriculture for Food Security and National Growth.

Creation of an automated system and database to send adequate and usefull information to farmers.

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We are thinking of having representatives in every county to collect the details of the potential farmers and also farmers can join in our system through the website. We have also been thinking of coming up with a short code USSD service such as (i.e *167#), whereby farmers can dial and get registered into our database. This will reduce the risks of farmers who have no access to internet. Once registered in our system, we can send automated SMS to all of our subscribers regarding any input towards there farming activities.


"Farmers First" We develop this idea inorder to increase the farming potential in most rural areas. They will benefit through getting free advice on the right variety to grow, right fertilizer to apply and right post harvest measures to reduce crop spoilage.


This idea can be implemented across the globe, but the pioneer stage will be in Kenya then after grow to other regions.


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Iam Isaac Ongoma currently Agricultural advisor to KENYA FARMERS CORNER a non-profit Organization. I am based in Meru, Kenya.
The reduced yield potential in most of the areas is due to lack of enough information by farmers. Most farmers are not aware of the time they should be expecting rains, type of fertilizer to apply, type of pestcide to apply and postharvest care of the harvested crop. This has led to alot of food wastage, especially maize which is the staple food for Kenya. With my partner of IT, we came up with a website which is linked to a database that contains the details of our subscribers. This subscribers get immediate update on their phones, regarding any weather change expectations in the country. We also advice on the right fertilizer use depending on the type of soils. On our website and facebook page we run an online clinic for farmers who are interested in boosting their agricultural productivity. We respond to most of their concerns. For example, there's a disease called "osama" in Kenya that normally leads to high percentage loss at some point 100% to the grown maize. Therefore we advice our subscribers on the right mechanism to control the pest thus secure their yield.


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Photo of Anita

Thanks for sharing. This is surely a great idea. Farmers are the last to receive any information regarding the change in the rain pattern or prices on the market. So this technology has surely come to the rescue of these farmers. Thanks again for sharing

Photo of Hon Ongoma

Thanks Anita. Its our responsibility to make the world safe and comfortable than we found. Our aim is to boost national food security through timely delivery of quality and adequate information.

Photo of Shane Zhao

Thanks for sharing the work that you and your partner have been doing with Kenya Farmers Corner Hon! It'd help to provide a link to the site or your facebook page so our community can read up more about it. Perhaps you might also like to check out this like-minded idea: Farm IT 

Photo of Hon Ongoma

Hello Shane,
You can get to our site by logging to: or to our facebook page on: Thank you.

Photo of Brian Powell

Hi Hon,

I like your concept.  Do you have a mechanism in place to track the outbreaks of crop diseases so you can give early warnings in real time?  Or do you focus your attention on general education about known threats and solutions more generally?

I would love to hear more about what the farmers are asking for information on through your Facebook site.  Do you have a database of past questions that you would be willing to share?  I am currently working on a project in Myanmar that targets rice farmers, but would like to expand my understanding of what farmer's concerns in other regions and with other crops are.  Check out my site at and let me know if you would like to work together on making these ideas more universally applicable.

Best regards,

Photo of Hon Ongoma

Hello Brian,we use the availbale problems experienced by farmers. We also get our data from the ministry and other relevant organisations. We are also thinking,if well funded, we can deploy staff in every county to submit data to our offices regarding any challenges experienced by farmers.