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A threesome approach allowing rural farmers access a shared storage, processing, and marketing solution with less labor for more profit.

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THE IDEA AND HOW IT WORKS: The idea is to give rural farmers access to a central facility that allow them store, process, and market their produce. These produce are processed by our production team into a well packaged product for market using our solutions. This product will carry the name of our certified brand called Potalina (with variation based on final product). This strategy is more like a franchise on facility/technology and packaging approach but the difference is that the farmers do not have to be involved with the actual production and packaging processes. PROBLEM SOLVED: This solution is aimed at helping rural farmers boost household income by 60% and improve their livelihood by giving them access to facilities that will help them achieve effectiveness in farming, which they cannot achieve on their own. The multiplier effect of this solution is that it will reduce farm produce spoilage and wastage by 45% achieving greater food security and accessibility. This new approach helps reduce overall workload in the quest to make a living by allowing them make more without been involved in the actual processes that makes these possible (like processing). The solution will reduce both storage time as goods are easily taken to mill in the shortest time. Generally, rural farmers are incentivized to do more farming for greater reward. The solution also reduces the challenges of access to technologies and certification of food standards


Those to benefit from this solution are Nigerian rural farmers who do not have the means to acquire modern facilities for storing, processing, or selling their produce. This will serve at least 5,000 farmers at at the start with a rapid beneficiary population. The solution will give them access to storage, processing, packaging, and marketing solutions without having to spend excess thus make more profit. It will reduce workload, increase production effectiveness, and have more family time.


This solution will be implemented in Nigeria, with a state-to-state approach. With increase impact, this facilities will be replicated in various rural communities. We hope this solution to serve at least 1million rural Nigerian farmers.


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A Nigerian social enterprise in the food/beverages sector. We made Oyoyo Honey Yogurt and expending toward setup of a commercial processing facility that will source raw materials from rural farmers. Recipient of Nigeria's government YouWiN business award 2013. We're seek collaboration and support.

CrowdFood is an effective value-addition program that allow rural farmers make the most of their farm produce by using a propriety shared storage, processing, and marketing facilities of the platform to make more revenue. It is apparent that rural farmers cannot acquire their own storage and processing facilities to help preserve the livelihood and viability of their farm produce. Even after having access to early stage processing of their produce, like the use of local mills, they seldom find it difficult having to sell them, so spoilage and wastage results. Even a crowd-sourced storage and processing facility by these farmers are not achievable at that level. This is about to change.

CrowdFood will help Nigerian rural farmers access a central storage and processing system. The produced are processed using same processing strategy for same kind of produce to enable uniform quality and consistency. The products are then packaged using a certified product name to which farmers can choose to market themselves or use our most effective Brand Ambassador marketing them to achieve Nigeria's most effective marketing approach (direct marketing/door-to-door selling). This platform will serve farmers involved in form crops like cassava, corn, Millet, etc that can be processed into flour form. This crops are of important to us because they constitute about 65% of all food production in the country to which 40% get wasted or spoiled. For example, Nigeria is world's largest producer of cassava (FAOSTAT, 2013).

This business model have been well verified in the international community especially in the venture capital space where entrepreneurs can share a common office space, internet, telephone, network, etc provided by the VC while the entrepreneurs concentrate in trying and developing their models. Rural women are already familiar with concepts of communal sharing as they already are involved in similar practices. CrowdFood can be replicated in all of Africa.

The storage technologies used in CrowdFood are the most advance Temperature Controlled Storage Rooms (TCSR) where classes of food are stored based on their room temperature requirement as well as other controlled factors like humidity, pressure, light. CrowdFood will change the landscape of subsistence farming in Nigeria, and African. 


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I like this idea! It actually reminds me of some of the venture capital firm sites that are sprouting up around the world that invite startup businesses that cannot afford brick-and-mortar facilities to rent office space. By sharing a building with communal offices, conference rooms, cafes, etc., startups are able to try out their ideas, identify funders, and expand. I never thought of using a similar model for agriculture and I see a lot of potential with your concept. 

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Thanks Maryalice for your comment. Actually, this idea flowed from proven business concepts in the ICT agriculture fields. Rural farmers also practice one form of communal strategy like taking turns to work in each others farm per day and so on. I am certain that this approach will bring a radical change in subsistence farming as this can save millions of tonnes of farm produce for rural farmers, preserve vitality, boost food security, and increase household income for these farmers. I am glad someone sees the potential.

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