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Connecting small-scale farmers with farmers in advanced farming systems to share information and collaboratively solve farming challenges.

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Small-scale farmer groups in developing nations facing agricultural productivity challenges. Advanced farming system farmer groups looking to connect with and learn about different farming systems




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Connect2Grow will create a connection point through which small-scale farmers in developing nations can connect, converse, share information and collaboratively problem solve with farmers from advanced farming systems internationally.

The concept is premised on partnering established farming groups or collectives in developed nations with a small-scale farming group or collective in a developing nation in a structured way. 

While the initial pairing process relies on each farming group (or a support agency acting on their behalf) accessing the Connect2Grow website to establish a profile and find a partner group; the collaboration that follows can take place by whatever means is appropriate for the level of access to technology and communications of each group (E.g, snail mail, email, skype, video conferencing etc.).

Under this arrangement the two farming groups would be paired and information about contact details, preferred methods of contact and a general background would initially be exchanged through the Connect2Grow website.

A set of resources prompting the groups on how they can connect and undertake a structured conversation/collaboration would also be available on the Connect2Grow website along with a broad range of other information, resources and case studies. However, the partner groups may opt to move forward using their own processes and techniques.

The available resources would prompt the following:

Contact 1 - Meet and Greet  At first contact the partner groups will focus on getting to know one another, their respective cultures and on learning a little bit about each other's farming systems and the local farming environment.

Contact 2 - Understanding the Challenges A second contact will focus on discussing specific farming challenge/s that each group faces and will result in each partner group being asked to consider possible solutions for the other's challenge/s.  Following this contact each partner group will draw upon their own knowledge and dedicate time to thinking about possible solutions for the challenges that they have heard about.

Contact 3 - Building Solutions On the third contact the partners will put forward and discuss their ideas about how the challenges that they have heard about might be able to be addressed.  Ideas will be shared, questions will be asked and learning will happen.

Contact 4- Testing and Refining On the fourth contact the partner groups will report back on whether they have tested the ideas that were put forward, what the outcomes have been and will have an opportunity to trouble shoot and discuss any challenges.

Contact 5 - Determining the Future At this contact the partner groups will be given a choice as to whether they would like to continue to connect and collaborate or to bring the arrangement to an end.  Some may choose to continue with enduring collaborations, others may establish new partnerships and some may choose to opt out of Connect2Grow.


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Photo of Cezarina Niculae

Hi Marcus! Great idea to share good agricultural practices at international level. A similar communication process but more focused on business coaching has been facilitated by Grow Movement ( Their insights and case studies might prove valuable when your implementing your idea. Have you also considered matching groups within the developing countries? Some farmers have improved their incomes with the use of new agricultural practices and technologies. They could share their experience with less developed groups, even in person if distance is not an issue. Might be easier to continue the collaboration given proximity. What do you think?

Photo of Brian Powell

Hi Marcus,

Great idea for connecting farmers in different parts of the world! I wish everyone in the world would connect with someone on the other side. That alone would go a long way toward solving many of the world’s problems.

One question that I have for you is, what are your thoughts on how to handle translations? This is one of the issues that I have been trying to work out for my project as well. There are some websites for freelance translators and AI’s are getting better, but I still feel this is one area that is going to take a bit of creative problem solving. I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

Email me at so we can brainstorm ideas.

Also, please take a look at my idea about using peer-to-peer lending to finance smallholder farmers and let me know what issues you see.



Photo of Havi Murungi

Hello Marcus,

I contributed the Tafaria cHub idea. Reading what you are proposing here makes me think that there are opportunities for collaborating if we both advance our ideas in this challenge. So keep the lines open please.