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Community Farm Centralized storage facilities

My contribution is focused on having a centralized farmers storage facilities for each community to promote participation by all and access

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My idea is that of a centralized storage facility to farmer in a given community and face with a constrained elements like finance, information, Storage equipments and standage, market creating etc. The gold smith systm is an Example of this idea. My ideas work through a collective effort of a given community and or government,NGOs etc. How to regulate this idea operations: (1) Step 1: sensitizing farmers on the need, benefits and. approach of the proposed centralized storage facility. (2) selecting the type of storage facility to be deployed and size. (3) issuance of I'ds to farmer in form a deposite slips like that of the Gold smith in money evolution. (4) getting the right personnels that will implement such or where application train and retrain community farmers untill they can fulfill the tasks. (5) screening of farm produce to determine the level of pests demage cost in the farm. (6) reaching out to traders for a wholesale. Etc This idea solve the problem of Market, information, waste, finance.


Beneficiaries includes: Farmers, consumers and government of the day


The idea would be implemented in Nigeria particularly within the north central zone and the basket food of the Nation.


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An organization with interest in Agricultural sector of an economy.
Identifying the fact that farmer partially do not partake in storage due to constrained elements like finance, information, technology etc, it becomes innovative to establish a synagy in other words a Platform or centralized community based storage facility that will be able to accommodate large farm produce each season and allowing room for direct contacts with owners since all stored farm produce are contained in one community based storage facility. This practice if implemented will further ensure that farm produce are stored in line with best global practice. Most farmer in trying to store their produce end up killing consumer systematicall with excess chemicals or poor storage condition, but with this collective efforts and in a centralized manner government, consultants, Entrepreneurs, and exporter now have confidence in farm products and locations of such farm products. This idea of mine can also be used to solve for problems as indicated in the above question if analyzed further. Who are farmers? The definantion of a farmer differs in different countries considering their features/characteristics. in Nigeria farmers are seen as the low class, illiterate, less privileged and skilled in growing crops, engaging in live stock, and fish farming: yet the are the life wire of a nations food basket. From the above definition and with a centralized community based storage facilities, that allow for participation as a way of educating farmers, creating a market, storing produce under a normal condition, I am of the view that this approach is innovative and solve major agriculture problem. How to accomplish this: Community farmer can create one or two centralized storage facility, by means of contribution, sponsorship and Government funding. The assumptions of my idea is that: (1) there are already an establish storage facilities developed both locally and modernize. (2) such storage facilities are not adequate and affodable to farmer. (3). There is inconsistency in output due to method adopted by different house hold/famers. (4) there is wastage of farm produce and a cry for help of about 42 percent identified clusters. (5) participation will be for a specific community with not morthan 2000 farmers willing to store farm produce with set standard. (6) all information from traders and stakeholders is directed to the centralized storage and processing unit and not individual farmers which is time consuming and associated with high. information cost. (7) there will NO room for preference but farm produce segmentation only. (8) NO additional cost but a service charged cost will be paid if such facilty/farm produce comes from an External source not from the community members. (9) regulatory agencies like NAFDAC on a regular bases provide relevant training/information to the central processing and storage units.

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