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Access education, industry and investment in food processing

Access education, industry and investment in food processing can help to reduce food loss and waste.

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My idea is to bring knowledge of technology for small farmers tackle the problem of poverty, food wastage of low income, earners small scale farmers. It addressing the problem by studying and scrutinizing the inside of the problems associated with small scale farmers in food processing, agro-processing industries and investment in food processing. This idea is Trying to solve the Challenges of Lack of education, industry and investment faced by Small scale Farmers that contributing to the food wastage in Tanzania, Because in the inspiration phase we learned that about 1.3 billion tons per year or one-third of the edible food produced for human consumption is wasted along the food supply chain, due to the Lack of industrial scale agro-processing, knowledge of food processing , lack of investors in food processing, also in Nzega district, about 905.5 tons ware wastage due to rot, insects, birds, rodents, transportation during harvesting and blowing in last year. This program will enable small farmers gain knowledge of technology, through computer science and technology. Participants will be in training of computer science and technology by gaining valuable experience, develop a greater understanding, and work on a software development, complete real software project, spared out computer science training to others on food processing, industries and investment through computer science technology.


The beneficiaries of this course are small-scale farmers aged 18-28, from rural area of Tanzania, where there are many victims of knowledge on food processing, and have continued to be poor due to the production Inadequate level of life. These participants will benefit by gaining knowledge on food processing, small agro-processing industries, including education investment in food processing, this knowledge will be obtained from professional experts in food processing.


Currently the idea will be implemented in Tanzania, where 70% of small farmers remain poor because they don't produce adequate, don't save for the future. The small scale farmers cannot fight food wastage due to the lack of education on processing.


  • This idea is meant to inspire - I hope someone else takes it on!


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year


  • Yes, for more than one year.


I have an experience NGOs leadership and managing projects for over than 10 years,I'm a researcher in the area of agriculture, using HCD process. The organization offers educational entrepreneurship in collaboration with the department of agriculture and other development partners.

My idea is a food processing education which tackle the problem of food wastage of low income, earners small scale farmers. It addressing the problem by studying and scrutinizing the inside of the problems associated with being small scale farmers young mother and adolescent girls.

As I have already identified and listed the problems of food wastage and found a possible solution in practice. It is computer science and business that can allow participants to access education, industries, and investment; This will include the manufacture of trademarks, internet, communication. This course will be offered in partnership with the agricultural college and Christian organization Education and Development Organization (CEDO).

The program will be sustainable approach to empower small scale farmers young mother by encouragement them to continues into the fields of engineering and computer science throughout their education, holding a workshop style, to teach new technology that combine a bit of engineering computer science and fashion, gaining strong understanding of arduous boards, website and internet, how they work and coll project that can be done. How to access information on food processing, the establishment of industrial-scale food processing and investment in food processing, We will also look at the effects of exposure and lack of knowledge of food processing, industrial and investment as the main way to contribute to the continued existence of the problem of ready access to knowledge of food processing.


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