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Mobile Clinic for ADs

My idea involve use of mobile clinics which will deliver healthcare and counselling services at the doorstep of Atopic Dermatitis patients.

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Please elaborate on your proposed solution to the challenge in no more than 300 words.

My solution(which is a product of AD patient-focused study) involve use of movable clinics to deliver routine and basic healthcare services at the doorstep of people affected by atopic dermatitis. The mobile clinic will render preventive, educative and curative healthcare services.The mobile clinic will provide a health insurance for them and also save them the stress of visiting the hospital.There will also be an Avenue for the patients to ask questions to Doctors through a call and messaging system at any point in time. In addition, there will be information on the causes, symptoms, signs and management of atopic dermatitis inscribed on the mobile clinic vehicle.The information will be updated on a daily basis. This will enable community members who are not suffering from atopic dermatitis to understand the cause and transmission of atopic dermatitis and MOST IMPORTANTLY understand that atopic dermatitis is not easily transmitted through skin-skin contact.We will give them T-shirts with awareness information on atopic dermatitis inscribed on them. I believe this project is Important because it will create a kind of social network among people suffering from atopic dermatitis and give them the Avenue to share their experiences with each other and with health personnels. Through this project, I aim to improve the health and well being of people living with Atopic dermatitis, reduce the stigma they face and also educate the general population about Atopic dermatitis.

What is the name of your organization?

Parkers Mobile Clinic

Where are you and your organization based?

Onitsha, Nigeria.

Please provide a description of your organization.

Parkers mobile clinic was founded in 2018. Our mission is to render healthcare services at the doorstep of the most unreachable people. Our services basically involve delivery of healthcare services at the doorstep of people living in remote areas, elderly, disabled and chronically ill people.

What is your name?

Dr Charles Umeh


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Hi Charles,

Thank you for your submission! It's great to read about your idea and how you see this also as a chance to spread the word and awareness about AD.

I am curious about if you have had a chance to do any testing to understand why patients with AD would prefer to be treated at home? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Thanks Ryan for your response.

As a Medical Doctor, I did a focused research study with a group of Atopic Dermatitis patients in the dermatology clinic of my Hospital and from their response to the questionnaire I shared with them,about 95% of them preferred home based Healthcare treatment to avoid the stress of visiting the hospital for routine medical check up.

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This is an interesting result to your survey, Charles. So this particular idea removes the stress of potential bullying from the patient (by receiving treatment in the privacy of the home), while also educating neighbors and those who might be potential bullies about the disease....people who wouldn't perhaps normally reach out looking for information about something they know nothing about. Susan