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Cured my exzema with $0.30 of desicated Thyroid per day... I can now take off the gloves!

Raise awareness that a very few doctors are using old protocols such as desicated Thyroid with T3 to resolve many issues ... E.g. skin

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I spent 10 years of having to wear gloves to take a shower. If I touched normal soaps once, my hands would begin a bout of exzema that would take a year to bring under control with Dermatologist prescribed creams. My Endocrinologist, Dr. Rihad Arem (The Thyroid Solution) recommended that I try a lowest dose of Armor thyroid (which includes T3). On the second day my short term memory memory turned back on. For the previous 10 years I could not recall what I had for breakfast. That morning I woke up being able to recall 30 details of the previous day. He had said it might could help my exzema, too. So I went to the sink and washed my hands with regular soap. First time in ten years. Wow! No stinging. So I reached and put Ajax on my hands with no adverse effects. Dr. Rihad Arem, in his book, The Thyroid Solution, says that... 'Modern (since 70's) Western medicine protocol replaced the use of natural thyroid which has T3 (active thyroid) with synthetic thyroid which has only T4 without any studies as to what we were giving up' I've had my share of people who would criticise me for not touching anything ... The public door handle, the dog, etc. I had to plan what I could touch before the next meal counting the cost that I may not be able to wash before eating. Some estimates are that 30 % of Western population have some thyroid issues. But only 1 in 1,000 doctors are open as Dr. Rihad Arem is and a few others to treatment of Thyroid issues symptomatically.

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City: Bryan, TX USA

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The His Hands Reader provides free mother tongue literacy support for all people groups of the world.

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Robert F. Achgill


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