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Resolving atopic dermatitis with cannabidiol aka CBD will reduce / stop the bullying of AD sufferers by those with invisible diagnoses.

The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill excepting cannabidiol as a Schedule 1 controlled substance enables millions to effectively manage their AD.

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As a healthy first child, I bullied my younger sister, now age 70, largely for the eczema that made her life a living hell as a child and has persisted throughout her entire adulthood. That childhood bullying set the foundation for the alienation that has divided us most of our entire lives. She has never found a way effectively to manage her eczema / atopic dermatitis. Based upon my recent personal experience with high-quality, THC-free, transdermal and sublingual cannabidiol (CBD), it is my hypothesis (BS Biology, Phi Beta Kappa, and JD with 39 years of practicing law) that the immune suppressing, pain relieving, and anxiety-calming properties of CBD, now legal in the United States, can enable my sister, and millions of others, effectively to manage their AD / eczema. I've recently had occasion to work with a Salt Lake City University of Utah-affiliated dermatologist with regard to pre-surgery hip implant metals testing. Once I receive scientifically-proven MELISA testing results from Germany validating the skin patch and prick metals testing the dermatologist did, I believe he would be interested in conducting a research study to determine the effectiveness of CBD in treating a cohort of patients of all age classifications who suffer from eczema / atopic dermatitis. I would like to gift my sister with an effective, researched treatment for the chronic eczema / atopic dermatitis that has plagued her life. Then perhaps she will forgive my bullying.

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Although I only learned of the RFP online today from Philanthropy News Digest and have yet to discuss the proposal, I am hopeful of partnering with the following dermatologist: Douglas Powell, M.D., University of Utah Health Care, Department of Dermatology, 243 East 6100 South, Third Floor, Murray, Utah 84047, 801-581-2955

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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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University of Utah Health is the Mountain West's only academic health care system, combining patient care, the latest medical research, and teaching future providers. It has 5 hospitals, 12 community clinics, and several specialty centers, which provide care for Utahns and residents of five surrounding states. University of Utah Health serves the people of Utah and beyond by improving individual and community health and quality of life through excellence in patient care, education and research.

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Virginia Curtis Lee, Attorney at Law, 1458 Princeton Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105-1923, h/o: 801-583-0625, fax: 801-583-5641, email:


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Hi Virginia,

Thank you for your submission and the detailed explanation of how you’re thinking about the people living with AD! I also appreciate the personal connect and the experience you have with AD and your effort to help look into making people's lives better.

Just a quick follow up. Would I be correct in understanding that your hope is to conduct research on the effectiveness of this method and if so, have you already been working with people who have AD specifically?

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Virginia Lee

Ryan, Yes, my hope is to conduct research on the effectiveness of cannabidiol / CBD on AD, which I suspect is an autoimmune disorder / allergy. Because of your response and interest, I will begin with my sister by sending her a jar of THC-free transdermal CBD salve to start using, along with copies of all of IDEO's materials about AD that I printed. I will hope she responds favorably and begins using the salve. I will keep you posted. What is a direct email address to use to contact you other than via the IDEO website?