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Make the people who have AD feel safe. Telling them we have your back.

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Well, I'm a young student attending High School. We should as 21st generation should get active. An stop this childish behavior. Like my mother "everything that comes up, doesn't have come out". We all have learned that if your going to say something at least let it be positive things. It's important, because I want see standard improvement to the World's Society. I know people say this kind of stuff, but do they actually mean it? I'm a human God what I believe in ,I'm going to do it. I like helping out my community. I'm not a lazy selfish person, like the rest of your community. I was born and taught to make a change in the world.

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Well I attend high school. I'm an undergraduate.

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Hi Blu,
Thank you for joining in our community and the conversation around AD. We would love to hear if you have an idea for helping people like yourself who have dealt with AD.

Let us know if you do have an idea!