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One day for AD patients

Cognition and understanding of AD

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Please elaborate on your proposed solution to the challenge in no more than 300 words.

This activity will follow and interview the life of AD patients of different age groups in one day (infant group, child group, juvenile group, youth group, middle-aged group and elderly group). Get to know their real situation through the camera. For example, how they live, how they study and how they work. In addition, how people around them in their lives view them and so on. This documentary will be spread through the YouTube platform, which lets more people can perceive and understand AD

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University of Technology Sydney

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Sydney, Australia

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The University of Technology Sydney is a public university located in the heart of Sydney. Our curriculum or school forum has always been concerned with social and economic construction and cultural communication. And has been committed to research and innovation of public value knowledge. We are a professional faculty team and an international university.

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Fangyu Liu


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Photo of 子灵 周

Hello Fangyu,

I'm Ziling, I'm a photographer and also interested in this topic.
Absolutely, AD patients face a lot of unfair behavior. I think this is a useful method that plays some short videos to change many people's ideas and opinions for AD patients. On the other hand, you also could consider that use more Social Media Platforms to develop videos, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. In my opinion, I think short videos would be better than long videos because most people don't want to spend too much time to focus on videos they are not very interested in it. The length of videos should under 1 minute and try your best to involve more contents.

If you need any technical help, welcome to contact me.

Best Regards,

Ziling Zhou

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