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Atopic dermatitis moving health club

Bring together all community members who are the patients and non patients of AD

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Atopic dermatitis health club will bring together all community members who will be able to share their common thoughts on AD. The main purpose of this club is to give a chance to community members learn more about AD so as ro remove society bullying for the patients of AD. AD is not a transmiting infectious deases but an inheriting infection therefore the health club wil consist of educational programs, sports and games,counselling and guidance sessions. The club will be organized widely by going to schools, at times will be organized in places were the community members will be invited especially parents, familly members, and guardian. Therefore the Atopic Dermatitis Health Moving Club will reach out to the community by going to schools and commnities with all the equipments ready to create awarennes on AD to society members.

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Tanzania Kagera Bukoba

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Hope Blasio Sylidion


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Photo of Ryan Dsouza

Hi Hope,

Welcome to the community!

Thank you so much for your submission and your idea of bringing people together to understand AD. I would love to learn about how you're thinking about bringing people into these health clubs and about your overarching plan for the clubs.

Very excited to learn more!

Photo of Hope Sylidion

Hi Ryan
Thank you so much for commenting and reading my idea!

People will be brought in these health clubs through schools as most of the bullying happens in schools then the Atopic dermatitis health moving club will provide pamflects with information about the club and at the end page there will be a part for parents and gardian to sign approving their coming to school to learn more about the club. And in schools the club will first talk to teachers and provide the basic information about the club and the main purpose for it to be created. Therefore through teachers more awarenes will be provided to parents to come and join the club.
Second in society the club will organize a bash wereas people will be freely invited thats when the club will be introduced to them and will be asked to join the club so as to help it create a better society that is free from bullies of the patient due to lack of awareness
Thats how i plan to work on these health clubs.

Very excited to hear from you again!