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A solution to cover up the blemishes of AD skin without compromising skin physiology or function.

I, along with my colleagues, provide innovation ideas to for-profit as well as non-profit organizations.

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Bullying of atopic dermatitis (AD) patients often begins early in life, sometimes by other children who lack the maturity to understand the consequences of their rude words. Or, it's non-verbal, and in the stares of people who look upon an AD patient as if she/he is a contagion or a freak. Knowing that this Challenge will attract plenty of submissions about education and social awareness/acceptance, I advocate a different solution: a solution inspired by modern technologies, skin wound dressings, cosmetics innovations. A solution that aesthetically covers up the visible raw/inflammed areas of skin of AD and blends seamlessly with surrounding areas of normal-looking skin. This should be something that a child or the child's caretakers can apply easily in the privacy of their own homes. It should be a non-toxic formulation that doesn't take too long to apply, and that lasts through a day (or two). The personal care and cosmetics industries spend millions on product innovation and skin-friendly products every year, with billions in sales. Why not channel a fraction of that towards a personal skin care + cosmetic cover solution for AD patients? We can start by tapping subject matter experts in skin formulations, wound dressings, etc in academia and in industry, as well as the literature search and research abilities of graduate students, postdocs and others, to bring together our wills and solve this. I shall be happy to coordinate the effort. Together, we can!

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On request. Partnerships with non-profits are being explored and inquiries from registered non-profits are welcome.

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I, along with colleagues & fellow-thinkers, provide innovation ideas to for-profit as well as non-profit organizations.

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Mitul Sarkar, MD, PhD


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Hi Mitul,

A very interesting take on the solution and I'm curious to see how you take this ahead. Also particularly interested in changing the role of other entities in skincare like cosmetic companies to explore more options for adverse skin conditions.

Looking forward to seeing how you take this ahead!

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Thanks, Ryan.
Nothing gets ahead without funding. This OpenIDEO challenge includes a mandatory requirement to find a non-profit partner to qualify for funding. Creating a "chicken or egg - what comes first" situation, IMHO.