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Work & Learn - City and Village Exchange program

New community members learn a profitable skill in exchange for work, shelter and food.

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Millions of people are struggling with displacement, sometimes even causing distraction with locals. If there was a way each community could win, resources might be more acceptable to the public and easy to implement. I’ve done non-profit work in Tanzania. One group I’m inspired by are “Domestic Students” in a village called Lupanga. They are secondary students who have failed out of school, who have come to the village to learn a new skill in order to get a job (without an education.) The Domestics learn how to sew in order to become tailors and seamstresses, a good job for a person in Tanzania. While they are learning the skills of becoming a seamstress, they often help at a nearby orphanage to cook and clean for hundreds of children. (This is where I got the idea!) Imagine if villages and cities who needed extra help, offered to teach skills in exchange for work. Even if a city paid one teacher, teaching 30 students a new skill, it would cover the cost by having 30 extra helpers on hand, paying for their education, food and home through work. By living together with other students or families, they could save money. In addition, there could be programs to help their children get into local schools as well.

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This would work for any developing city or country who has something to offer, but also has the capacity and need for working individuals.

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By learning a skill, individuals and families will not only create sustainable jobs and futures, but become respected and understood by their new communities. By working together and partnering with new individuals, neighbors will see a partnership with each other that will help them connect on a deeper level.

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Having this kind of stability is what all of us hope for. So many of us across the world worry about our futures, especially financially. This would give new members a chance to breathe and get back on their feet, which is what a lot of people need.

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User feedback from the communities will be important every step of the way. It will take some time, but as soon as new individuals complete the program and enter in the workforce, they will fully see the impact and benefits of this project.

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I’m a humanitarian designer who has done non-profit work in Tanzania, as well as lived and worked in Ghana.

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