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Skills Match-Up Project: Bridging Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills Gap of Continuing university Students and Graduates in Tanzania

The program is designed to impart Students and recent graduates with skills and experiences that are relevant for 21st century jobs

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Young people's situation and future prospects are of vital concern to us all. Many of them face high unemployment or joblessness and serious difficulties in getting a firm foothold into the labor market. Such scenario has been argued to be aggravated by the failure of our education system to equip them with skills that are mostly needed by most firms. Regarding to this problem, Our Company, BIZSTATA Co. LTD with registration no. 141304 for one year now is making a difference in the minds of graduates from higher learning institutions in imparting necessarily skills for securing employment elsewhere or starts their own business. This is conducted through; a) COMPREHENSIVE ONLINE TRAINING IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS PLANNING; whereby graduates and students who are passionate about business and entrepreneurship are required to submit their business ideas through an online portal , then will be vetted through a phone call and those who are successful, will proceed for online training. At the end applicants viable business plan will be introduced to several banks to secure 60% (or lower) as debt, after committing 40%(or higher) as equity of their planned capital. b) INTERNSHIP AND APPRENTICESHIP ATTACHMENTS; Our Company seeks opportunities to various employers for internship, apprenticeship and field practical training for graduates to get practical skills experience in their specific area of focus. Field practical training involves three months attachment and for internship while apprenticeship can vary from two to three weeks c) WORKSHOPS SERIES FOR CHANGING MINDSET AND INCREASING ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING TO GRADUATES; This Avenue will bring together professionals and real world entrepreneurs to share their experiences and real business challenges with graduates and continuing students. This will help to inculcate entrepreneurial mindset to graduates as well as continuing students.

Geography of focus (500 characters)

With increasing concerns over the inability of the labour market in most developing countries to absorb fresh graduates as a result of failure of education systems to ensure graduates attain measurable learning outcomes, including the acquisition of skills required by the labour market, consequently justify those countries with such problem to implement this idea. Thus, for our case, we are going to implement the project in Tanzania as one the developing country facing the mentioned problem.

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Skills Match-Up Project will bridge employability and entrepreneurial Skills Gap of graduate for self-employment or being employed elsewhere. These pathways will be built through Comprehensive Online Training in Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Internship and Apprenticeship Attachments and Workshops Series for Increasing Entrepreneurial Thinking. For Successful, we will also build long-lasting partnerships with NGOs, start-up, public entities and for-profit companies across the country.

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Our company in cooperation with University Of Dar es Salaam Student Association hosts Entrepreneurship Workshop at the Main campus and identified David, a recent graduate but with limited opportunities to employment. He is aware that finding a job is quite challenging for recent graduates and can take months and years consequently he started to worry on his future prosperity. Jack our representative Conduct a Training Needs Analysis through a one-to-one discussion with David and she discover his new interest to be self-employed in agriculture although he lacks all the essential agribusiness skills. She recommends a relevant agribusiness training that will impart the needed skills that are relevant for running agribusiness enterprise. Hence, on his behalf, we organize short attachments at one of our partnering local agribusiness company. Then through our online training we helped David to develop a viable Business Plan and network him to various banks for capital funds support.

What will be different within the community of focus as a result of implementing your idea? (1,000 characters)

Research will be conducted for impacts assessment. Examples on how it will impacts the community; Meet John: John, 23, With difficult life after graduation, He decided to move and is now staying with his uncle. John is very entrepreneurial and intelligent; he wants to start a small business. He has good ideas, but he does not have access to credit. BIZSTATA CO. LTD wants to empower John to develop a Business Plan and network him to get access to credit to start his small business. Meet Catherine: Catherine, 25, an agronomy graduate who wants to be attached to an internship for hand-on experiences. He has been jobless for 2 years. The SUGECO Tanzania is in partnership with Agro-studies Israel for international internship programs for Tanzania Students, but does not find enough students for the program. BIZSTATA CO. LTD wants to sign a memorandum of understanding with SUGECO Tanzania to help graduate like Catherine to get such international paid internship for skills acquisition

What is the inspiration behind your idea? (1,000 characters)

Often is not easy for young adults to find meaningful first jobs, particularly with NGO, start-ups, public entities and smaller companies that don't tend to have the recruiting budgets and connections comparing to the profits they have. As regards to this, our project will specifically increase access to employment opportunities and pathways for young people especially those who have recently graduated but did not get the chance to find a decent job and the continuing students located in Tanzania. Currently the project is funded by Directors of BIZSTATA Co. LTD whose purpose is to build partnerships with existing employers to help youth relevant skills that will make them more employable. A good thing, one of the director is an experienced government officer with has a huge network with government Institutions hence such experiences and network at preliminary stage, was very helpful for our company to place students and graduates for internship and apprenticeship attachments.

Describe the dynamics of the community in which the idea is to be implemented. (1,000 characters)

Despite the effort of the government to create about one million jobs per annum, most graduates stay far above the age of 34 years before entering their first job. In recent studies that evaluated the energy jobs and skills in Tanzania particularly provides evidence of the skills gap which increases the problems of youth unemployment. The finding of the study highlights that the higher youth unemployment rate in the country does not always mean the absence of jobs but the ability of youth to acquire the available jobs. This implies that many graduate youth wonders around with their certificates but with no proper trained in the competitive market of skilled business requires. Thus, there is a mismatch between what they are taught and the needed skills, also justify that majority of students learn theoretically and are academically sound but they have limited opportunities of acquiring practical experience.

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Please refer the responds above on what problem does the idea help to solve and how does your solution work? The next steps are to increase coverage in the following areas; 1) IN PARTNERSHIPS WITH KEY ORGANIZATIONS; Organizations, such as Tanzania Education Network (TENMET) with over 180 NGOs and Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) with more than 200 NGOs, Government institutions and private Companies. 2) ORGANIZE WORKSHOPS FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING; they will be avenue for our team to Conduct a situation analysis of youth employment to determine the nature of the skills gap between employers and youths. 3) RECRUIT AND TRAIN YOUTH THROUGH OUR ONLINE PLATFORM ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS PLANNING 4) IDENTIFICATION OF PLACEMENT SITES FOR HANDS ON SKILLS 5) PLACE GRADUATES IN THE IDENTIFIED ORGANIZATIONS 6) MONITOR, EVALUATE, AND REVISE THE PROJECT STRATEGY WHERE NECESSARY.

What other partners or stakeholders will work alongside you in implementing the idea, if any? (1,000 characters)

We are finalizing Partnership agreement with one of our implementing partners for Online Training in Entrepreneurship and Business Planning known as Magadu Entrepreneurship and Business Training Institute (MEBTI) and i have attached herein the Our Memorandum Of Understanding with this institution but it has not yet taken off due to lack of initial funds for programme awareness and workshop organisation.

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