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Tierra Grata: Basic services to displaced people in Colombia.

Provide dignity through the access to water, energy and sanitation.

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Geography of focus (500 characters)

We will be working in the Caribbean Region of Colombia, in an area that until recently was an area of armed conflict and that today thousands of displaced people are returning to their lands and do not have access to basic services, reinvigorating the dignity of the peasants who work for their land, provide us with food and today do not have the basics.

Building Bridges: What bridge does your idea build between people on the move and neighbors towards a shared future of stability and promise? (500 characters)

Build a bridge that invites productivity, the positive transformation of their social dynamics and gives them the dignity of deserving from the basics such as services to their own empowerment to return to their lands and not have to leave again. .

What human need is your idea solving for? (1,000 characters)

We will provide access to basic services, as a starting point, then we will work with the impact that this access generates in their habits, in their perception of security, well-being, which will impel them to continue working on their Earth, for their children and for what They have struggled all their lives.

What will be different within the community of focus as a result of implementing your idea? (1,000 characters)

The community after implementing the project, will have more dignity, increase their productivity, enjoy the light, positively changing their social dynamics. It will make them dream again about how their territory can be prosperous and think of a future for their children with more comfort.

What is the inspiration behind your idea? (1,000 characters)

We dream that all people can have access to basic services, because nobody deserves to be left behind, nobody deserves to wait. It changes when you have access to the basics, and you can project a more prosperous future.

Describe the dynamics of the community in which the idea is to be implemented. (1,000 characters)

We dream that all people can have access to basic services, because nobody deserves to be left behind, nobody deserves to wait. There are many solutions to improve people's living conditions and we are committed to their development.   It changes when you have access to the basics, and you can project a more prosperous future.

How does your idea leverage and empower community strengths and assets to help create an environment for success? (1,000 characters)

We create an environment of success when communities manage to see their future with optimism, when they see achievements and advances in their communities, with the installation of our solutions, they can receive an account directly as if progress and changes in a community are possible and How can this be successful in the future.

What other partners or stakeholders will work alongside you in implementing the idea, if any? (1,000 characters)

We developed our idea with a couple of organizations that have been supporting us for some time, Recon Young Water solutions, Cartagena and Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce among others. In addition to different academic institutions in the region.

What part of the displacement journey is your solution addressing

  • Returning home

Tell us how you'd describe the type of innovation you are proposing

  • Service: A new or enhanced service that creates value for end beneficiaries

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Early Adoption: We have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the intended users of the idea. I have proof of user uptake (i.e. 16% to 49% of the target population or 1,000 to 50,000 users).

Group or Organization Name

Tierra Grata

Tell us more about your group or organization [or lived experience as a displaced person?] (1000 characters)

Tierra Grata was created in 2015 and we have experience in working with displaced communities since we have always worked with displaced people since our inception. We are a team of 2 confounders and we also work with young volunteers committed to the development of our country, mainly the rural area.

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  • We are a registered Non-Profit Organization

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Dear Jenifer Fernandez, what a brilliant idea! Nonetheless, is there any special provision to connect disabled persons to these basic services? Yes; the disabled persons need help to come out of their extreme poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, low self esteem among others.