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The Whole Peach

The Whole Peach community walks with parents as they disciple their children to provide a respite of hope and a strategy for joy.

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The presence and power of the family unit has been a prominent institution in all of human history. Traditions and beliefs from one generation to another are passed down through the constructs of a family. The family is central to civilization and central to the development of each person on this planet especially when that people group is faced with the challenge of displacement and making a new home. The family construct is the home and offers a foundation of strength and security. Never has our situation been more desperate. The family is falling apart, and stability and promise can only be achieved threaded through the conversation and experience of life lived in the community of family, and the truth of the Bible offers sustainable content that can hold these families together. Known as a Christian’s holy scriptures, the Bible explains the story of creation as well as the story of humanity and along the way offers instructions for living and understanding one’s purpose. The Bible is a source for direction, and If a parent is seeking to raise strong, secure and successful children, a parent could seek the Bible for assistance in this endeavor. Parents need something that is smart, strategic, and simple to equip, encourage, and empower them to lead their children in the way they should go. They need a “simple but deep” plan that also explains the depth of the Bible’s story – attributes of God, identity in Christ and systematic theology. Because this plan and curriculum did not exist, a new one was created called The Whole Peach. This phrase is a metaphor for a vision of living “life to the full” as expressed in John 10:10 and incorporates a strategy, plan and curriculum for a family to experience in the context of a home. If we are truly looking to go beyond the basic needs and create an approach to foster lives of meaning filled with hope and dignity, The Whole Peach has answers to a person wherever they may be on this continuum of the journey called life.

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This idea targets all populations in the world looking for stability and promise. We have always been a people on the move. From our earliest ancestors, life has been mobile as we seek a new experience and opportunity. Whether that mobility is forced or chosen, every generation has stories of migration. On the journey, there is challenge to integrate into a new community and to begin again in a new place. The Whole Peach speaks to any "pilgrim" seeking refuge, meaning and strength (Psalm 84:5).

Building Bridges: What bridge does your idea build between people on the move and neighbors towards a shared future of stability and promise? (500 characters)

Whomever we are and however we arrived in the community we now call home, we all desire stability and promise within that community. In order to achieve that, we must appreciate the story in all of us and learn to collaborate as we co-habitate. Our best tool for guidance in creating meaningful engagement with one another is the Bible. The Whole Peach creates a simple plan for understanding and living out the strength and joy found in the truth of the Bible for everyone in the community.

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In the verse John 10:10, Jesus says that "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full." I believe that we all desire a "full life." None of us can prevent challenge or struggle in our lives, but we can equip our children and the community of families that we serve with the skills and the tools to confront the struggle and move through the challenge to a place of strength and perspective to walk in this "full life." Ron and I have been leading our children and our community of families to do just that for over 10 years. Our children needs skills for living, skills to confront the challenges they will face, skills to problem solve and seek relevant answers. The Whole Peach provides a curriculum and a plan to lead parents to guide and support their children as they uncover their identity and purpose and grow these life muscles. All that is needed is a Bible and time. Time in conversation and experience as one life shares with another the lessons they have learned.

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In my home, the actionable impact of The Whole Peach is peace and purpose. Because of this curriculum and plan for living, my children understand who they are and their place in this world. They embrace the struggle as part of their story and seek help to understand how to navigate the steps through it. We know we are creating positive change because our own children tell us often - "there is just no better way to live." Or "mom, there is so much pain in this world, how does someone survive it who does not know God, his love and life and our part in the story?" As my children are about to set out on the "human journey" as graduates of high school, I see the impact in the decisions they make, the questions in their head and the way they serve others. We live the change; our home breathes the change every day, and it is not absent of struggle, it is through the struggle that we walk together as they slowly realize the potential in themselves and in the day to impact the world for good.

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This idea answers the questions we are all asking - what is my purpose, and what is the point? The Bible offers solutions for living, but the Bible is a large book and our situations on this human journey are not easy. We are busy, burdened and bullied at most every turn. We need help making sense of the Bible and its strategy for living. My husband and I lived a long time trying to figure out this life on our own or stuck deep in a pit of despair and hurt. We found our strength, joy and hope in the Bible and its strategy as other travelers articulated and modeled it for us. We want to share it with others in the context of family and community. We are inspired to equip, empower and encourage parents as they disciple their children. It is our children that are our most precious gift, and it is our opportunity to invite them to a table of conversation and planning so that they can move out in strength and dignity for the story they will write together with God and share with the world.

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The community of impact is family-parent and/or caregiver, children and/or adolescents. A family is under great pressure as they cope with financial needs, physical needs and social/emotional needs. These challenges create stress and unrest. And while we may fix one of these needs in the short term, another challenge will come. So, how do we equip a family to confront the myriad of challenges they will face in a lifetime of change? We build the foundation upon which that family stands. We build it strong. This strength of purpose no matter what comes is rooted in the truth of God's word - the Bible. We have seen it built in our family and in the community of the families that walk with us. As cancer has come, we are strong. As jobs have been lost, we are strong. As bills can't be paid, we are strong. As thunderstorms rage, we are strong. We are building a bridge between families and the truth of the Bible because the answer is life on God's terms. One family to another family walking.

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The strength of our community is our honesty lived out loud. We do not have the answers. We too are faced with the challenges. We have not arrived. In the words of the writer, Tillie Olsen, "we are just peaceful wrecks holding hands with other peaceful wrecks." But God's truth and life has permeated our steps, and we are passionate about sharing those steps with others.

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Faith communities in the area of displacement would be excellent partners.

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The Whole Peach

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The Whole Peach is an organic community of conversation and influence. We offer both a product and a solution and are passionate about the fruit of this endeavor. Both of us work full time in other areas of impact as well. Ron is President and COO for Roland Criss (, and I, Karla, serve as Assistant Professor and Program Director for two graduate programs in the College of Education at Dallas Baptist University ( I am also in the doctoral program at DBU seeking my Ed. D. degree with this topic of family engagement as my dissertation. I bring the best of teaching and learning from an educator perspective of over 25 years to this endeavor as well as celebrate the important role of parent and child in determining student success. Plenty of research proves that student success is most clearly advanced when the parents are engaged in the process as well as equipped for the journey.

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Arlington, Texas

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