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The Giving Wall

The Giving Wall is a website where the urgent needs of men, women, and families living in poverty are met by the community.

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The Giving Wall pilot was successful in Richmond, Virginia; it's time to grow. To arrive at a point where we can scale impact in Richmond, surrounding counties and cities, and throughout other communities nationwide, we must increase our capacity and up-skill our technology to create a platform that can be licensed, a brand ready to be shared, and the processes and guidelines that can seamlessly map on top of the operating models of our nonprofit workforce development partners.

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The Giving Wall is a simple website with powerful impact: empower and enable our community to meet the unique and urgent needs of people and families living in poverty as they journey from crisis to thriving. Damaging narratives that divide us are broken. New ones that unite us are built. Those who live differently from one another journey toward a generous and generative relationship born from reciprocity. This narrative reconstruction will build a future of care from closeness.

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The Giving Wall exists to fit within a system of care where those who are most vulnerable are supported holistically. Workforce development agencies secure job interviews, job placement, and job security – while The Giving Wall removes barriers that block access to all three. It's not a solution in a silo, we move beyond meeting needs like car repair, work boots, and prescription costs. Within each 'transaction' that takes place on The Giving Wall are people seemingly unlike one another who have created and experienced the powerful feeling only compassionate community can deliver. In a moment, someone in crisis believes a stranger cares for them. In that same moment, someone showing up in support is emotionally connected to self and other by giving a hand up to a member of their community at a critical time. And in that moment, a hardworking career advisor or caseworker can deliver GOOD news, and take a much needed sigh of relief.

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We have integrated into an existing system in support of the hopeful outcomes and impacts of workforce development nonprofits. In this way, their success measures are ours. In others, we have to tend to our own and look to their support in uncovering them. Right now the outcomes we measure are met needs, speed to meet them, supply and demand, and brand equity in the minds of Supporters, Believers, and Advisors. To date we've met 181 needs, totaling $30,479, in less than seven months, with only one partner. Our demand is far greater than our supply, which limits our ability to message to the masses regularly. In the Fall, however, we will welcome two new nonprofit partners who will cause the supply on The Giving Wall to increase dramatically – inciting the need for a marketing effort that inspires and activates. Running concurrently we will also be tracking outcomes more closely through technological solutions on our platform.

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It all began because we became aware of a nonsensical issue: 25.4% of our community here in Richmond, Virginia were struggling deeply to find the resources to meet critical life-altering needs that nearly 3/4 of our community could meet with relative ease. This issue exists in cities throughout the country, and we've been lucky enough to engineer a simple solution that solves for an otherwise complex problem. We began less than one year ago with a leap of faith assumption: If we build a platform that showcases the needs of people living in poverty, members of the community will eagerly meet those needs. Our assumptions were correct. After seven months, we're proud to report a successful pilot, and the readiness to expand capabilities and grow our reach.

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Richmond, Virginia has a poverty rate of 25.4%, totaling 57,000 human beings. Richmond has the second highest eviction rate of any city in the country. Richmond has one of the lowest economic progress rates of any city in the country – meaning, if you live in poverty there's a strong likelihood you will exit this Earth living in poverty. And we are known for our segregated history where communities of human beings were cast out and blocked from progress because of the color of their skin. We aren't unique in these narratives, and that's a shame. But we are unique in that we're a city ready for change, one ready for innovative solutions to complex problems where the voices of everyone being served are held close and inform all decisions made.

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We can write with confidence that The Giving Wall has been built for our community by our community from the very first day. From the three murals painted by community members that share stories of mutuality and progress, to a listening tour that invited all members of our community together, to leveraging community forums like Mindful Mornings to rally social good and social justice supporters, to holding community socials where Believers and Supporters could convene and share and hold space for one another – we have explored the strengths and weaknesses of our community as felt and understood by our community, and responded with solutions and space. We are a town that is courageous in our convictions, be them judgemental or evangelical. That brave vocalization of beliefs can either bring us closer or push us apart – we choose the former. You can learn more about our mural work here:

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The Giving Wall lives in partnership with organizations in the field of workforce development. The reason? These organizations have a career advisor and caseworker force that provide holistic and lasting support through a model based on care, coaching, and mentoring. Their clients have needs. They vet and approve those needs. We place them on The Giving Wall, whilst inviting people to visit and support. The Giving Wall would not exist without these partners, because we refuse to 'solve' one problem without the other support systems in place. That's not systems problem solving and solution finding – that's the type of siloed thinking that fails the people we effort to serve. Our current partner is The Office of Community Wealth Building, the only municipal office of its kind in the country, and we will welcome The Goodwill and Caritas in the Fall of 2019.

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The Giving Wall

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All that we've mentioned is all that our group does as a whole. We're a team of volunteers looking to move from ad hoc effort to long-term engagement and support of the people and organizations The Giving Wall is proud to serve. Becky is our Founder. David is our lead technologist. Juliette and Louise are our designers. All are supporting in the early morning hours, late evening hours, and on the weekends. This is truly a labor of love – one that we know will turn into an employment opportunity, thanks to our projected financial model.

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Nearly 39 million people live in poverty in the United States – people who work hard, love hard, and who are forced to live hard lives because of systems designed to cast out, entrap, and entangle people and families in an unconscionable caste system where the worth of humans is somehow unequal. The Giving Wall exists to support the nonprofits and government organizations working to right these heinous wrongs by meeting the needs of the most courageous and determined among us.


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