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Solving interior migration in India by addressing the root cause of mobility meeting expectations at destination

Limiting forced movement of people by adding value and income to their assets and providing opportunities for those moving for better future

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Due to unfavourable weather resulting in crop failures and lack of market access and educational backwardness, basic necessities of rural Indian are always unmet. Under these circumstances, the people move to cities leaving everything behind or selling off. Due to the lack of any expertise to meet the needs of the cities, the people turn into the categories of 'outsiders' or 'nuisance'. With some ending up in daily wage labourers the cities never meet the basic needs but due to lack of any option or hope in returning home, they continue to amass in the city. The project identifies these problems and creates necessary conditions to improve the life of people back home and so that te better hope and joy can be found in returning home rather than suffering in cities. This transition back to home helps the urban residents to be safe from encroachments to their city life. Lack of educational institutions, markets access, weather impacts and the notion of the city as the ray of hope makes people migrate. But, through the project, the people will come to realise the future and joy lies in their own area. By the addition of initial technical inputs and knowledge to the livelihood of people, their conditions improve and only a few people based on the job opportunities go to cities. This project address the issues of carrying capacity the limit which cities like Mumbai have crossed and almost a million people are leaving to other cities in search of works. Instead of accelerating this movement and rise and fall of cities the project ensures stability in labour and other economic activities without putting pressure on the area in consideration.

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The issue of migration within India from rural to an urban area is accelerated by difficulties in surviving under capitalists economies where their rural activities fail to meet the basic needs. Accelerated by Climate Change and reduced farm output many farming community members move to cities to work on meager jobs and fewer wages. The losing link between the home and growing dependency on the destination will accelerate conflicts in both the areas if the aspirations of the people are unmet.

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Those people in rural areas migrate for better future as their life is in perils due to limited income. By providing them basic capitals like education, adding more income to their activities from existing resources they can meet their basic needs. Those moving to the city for survival will be limited. Those going to the city for a better future should be considered as guests and links to the peaceful nature of rural landscape. Those coming to cities engage with the environment without pressure

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By limiting the exodus of people to cities to find basic income and facilities, at their own locality, these elements are created. This improves the standard of rural areas and helps it to sustain as a self-sufficient or miniature economy. The same way the city will have the crowd only based on the job created and demanded, which will reduce the pressure put on the city by the increased number of outsiders. In this manner, the residents of the city can retain their own public spaces and prevent rapid landscape changes done to accommodate the expansion of cities. Same way, as the rural residents improve their conditions the loss of land for development can be prevented and those left the place to the city can think of returning as there is a home with peace and joy. Rather distinguishing people are insider or outsider, the rural and urban areas bridge its gap through the services rendered for mutual well being.

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The projects lead to an increase in the bond between the natural environment which is called home and the people. The bond helps in generating income and meeting basic needs and improving the economic activities at the local level based on the expertise and effects of the projects. With improved conditions, the people no longer fall under the category of an outsider in cities rather they come to cities as facilitators to help the city grow. The project will initially help a few families in villages where the migration is higher and in future years will have the potential of expansion.

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Numerous people migrate to cities for better opportunities but end up in daily wages and slums. Being in a culturally diverse space they are considered a nuisance and live in areas where all the waste of cities ends up. Instead of living in these areas risking their health and human rights, they should be given possibilities to excel in their home. Witnessing people living peacefully in rural areas and using technical expertise to improve their conditions are great. At the same time, many are migrating and living a miserable life in cities. There are ways to improve their conditions with proper guidance.

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Rural areas of India has been engaged in agriculture for many years. With a large population, women usually stay indoor and men work in the fields. Nowadays young generations have started quitting studies and going to cities for daily wages and end up in miserable conditions in their youthful life. With a lack of basic necessities like schools, hospitals and employments they lead a vulnerable life. The only option being agriculture which they inherited for generations is losing grounds due to changing weather and lack of favourable prices for the produce.

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The idea helps in creating a better livelihood and avoid forceful migration. It also focuses on targeted migration based on the demands of the city and will reduce conflicts of overcrowding. With chances of improvements at home, the idea provides a self-reliant community and capacity growth. Through the promotion of the activities, it facilities asset creation and efficient management of the environment and its resources. The move also helps in improving partnerships with other villages to grow on self-reliance path and to bridge a connection between rural and urban.

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