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Re-Occurring Payment Poverty Cards.

Emergency Groups like Red Cross could hand out Rescue Cards.. and Provide a Means to Exit a Situation like anyone else Would. Money.

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Typically, people don't wanna leave. They are forced too. Then their Incomes are STOPPED.. A Rescue Card, based on a Large Fund Splitting the Interest with all the Card Holders each cycle, it putting the interest from the fund, on cards, then at the end of the cycle, transferring anything left back to the main fund. The Interest Payment then again, hitting the accounts all equally. As the Amount Goes up, the interest will get bigger and bigger, each card holder will see it as a larger amount to spend each month. When more cards are cut, the amount in each will go down, so that needs kept in check to keep it above a lowest amount. As we expand, everyone would have a gift card, and less and less cards cut. I would expect to have a million in each account each cycle, by 20 years if the whole world had it.. it could have a donate back to the account at grocery stores. People could use it as their checking account, and their paychecks are deposited, especially when the amount they have available is more than they were making.. Perhaps the Best Thing, Is they will likely change jobs to what they wanted to always do, and go to school, using it, to learn how to follow that dream. Most Wont. It could be funded with a Hub Website.. A Web Game.. a Web Show, and Possibly a Movie Series. The Website could include a video job training and placement system, that after intake it finds people jobs, as well as gives them a reoccurring gift card the company owns.

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This would focus on anywhere in Poverty, or without enough money to move to the next step. A person that was working well after when they should be retired.. could live on the card no different than a refugee on the other side of the world. It could rid the need for medical with a separate medical card, where as, its just for that, leading to many months of most people with it not used, raising the total in the fund.

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Mine Gives a Escape Route if Money was the Thing Trapping them where they were. If each person with a card spent their money on starting a new business, or following a dream, the economy could be stronger than ever.

What human need is your idea solving for? (1,000 characters)

Refugees, and Possibly Homeless. Restarting anyone that wants one. The cards in a persons hands who had nothing prior, could be spent on anything, like food, water, phone bill.. training.. Most then will go and buy shelters of their choice and continue to exploit the card. But they are moving, and spending money, creating market in their place. Less death, less disease, less poverty. I would expect the main amount to go to Rent, Food, and personal drugs. It could then allow a person to have more than one card. . ? Many will buy a car.. or large house, then the money is all gone.. and they need another anyway. As long as the Public is Happy and Fun, I'm cool with it. That would build the amounts faster. Advertising Watch This Movie to Fund this Card.. Watch This Movie to Fund this One.. What Has More Money Next Month.. contests on TV.

What will be different within the community of focus as a result of implementing your idea? (1,000 characters)

People might feel they have a option to leave, instead of waiting to be saved. Where walking to somewhere far away was the only choice, now, not anymore. They can File for a Visa, after registering their cards. Fly there.

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I'm just tired of seeing people suffer. I want to See our World Flourish. Im tired of seeing nobody helping each other, when its not that hard to come to solutions. A Gov Soda Tax could create a Card Fund. Then it Go Away win the minimum amount is reached. Privately, many companies have loaded amounts offshore, each could put that same money in the cards, and everyone uses their cards, without them even spending a dollar. I see selfishness and I see ways around the problems. I want to be a voice.

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There are multiple Refugee Camps in Africa, there are Refugees all over Europe Right Now from Syria. There is a Poverty Issue Worldwide. A card system could clean up some serious issues. A Poverty card in any community would quickly lead to a community that is functioning better.

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By having a option of money they normally wouldn't have, they can control their own fate. Poverty is nothing more than lack of money often. Kids growing up with it already there, will live, Each, like a person having a trustfund behind them. Kids that grow up not having to struggle, tend to follow different careers than those who are currently struggling, leading to more inspirations and invention worldwide.. leading to more music, and more design and culture. The Lack of Poverty, would lead to less over population, and more using birth control, as well.

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I would hope to find a bank willing to give a superior interest, since the fund is never used.

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Metalheads Design Studio

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I'm a Artist Studio that is Currently on Taxes Closed, due to lack of income, so Id have to re-open. I've been in business since 2007.

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Loveland, Colorado


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It's Kinda a Given. You hand Money to People on the GROUND, and they aren't gonna need much more. What Infrastructure Needs Put In.. I'd say.. a Ticket Sales Out Of There. A Transportation System that WE USE TOO? Everyone Kinda Equaling Out, after the Adaption of the Concept, and Release. Your Asking for a Person Suggesting a Free Private Loan, and You want something ELSE? I dont think you really read it, your promoting someone elses. I like this One.

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