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Providing cheap energy for lighting, cooking and irrigating the crops.

Energy is very important ,because it will enables them to cook , light their house without much more problems, pump water easily for crops.

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What problem does the idea help to solve and how does your solution work? (2,000 characters maximum)

The people on the move, encounter many challenges and one of them is energy. For them to cook they need firewood which by that time it may not be available,during night hours it is also difficult to light houses because of that they are forced to cook earlier ,before night. At the same time it may be during drought they are affected,no rain to support crops to grow like vegetables which are used daily .To ensure ,that is eliminated there must be cheap energy which will enable people affected, to acquire their living in a manner that will not affect their neighbours. The product ,that is being used is carried, wherever they move, those problems I have already mentioned they are solved. It can be a challenge to find electricity in remote areas,firewood for cooking. To help them, the product that is self producing energy can be connected and disconnected. It can be made into different sizes, so that the individual person cannot camplain that it is expensive.This product is portable, the people displaced , can use it for energy purposes wherever they go. In case of rustling of which causes war,this model of bringing a product which is cheap, will enable the nomads, to turn into farming.They have put all their eggs in one basket, but this product will bring another basket, where to put their hope.How can you water crops in dry Areas without energy. In these areas movement is common, because of war,hunger and search for water and pasture for cattles.

Geography of focus (500 characters)

In Kenya, where you find community like Turkana people are displaced because of hunger.For targeting this area it is chronic drought which sometimes causes people to die of hunger, sometimes also it is a place where, there is enough place to accommodate refugees, it has no access to electricity.So there is need to empower them, to find their survival support, which is the core intention to take this initiative to them.Parts of northern Kenya are terribly also affected.

Building Bridges: What bridge does your idea build between people on the move and neighbors towards a shared future of stability and promise? (500 characters)

People on the move are provided with the product to create peace with their neighbours, meaning that they will not need much support from their neighbors but will require, just a little, if it is light they have ,if it is energy for cooking they have it, if it is vegetables they can grow for themselves. Because the product help them with electric power.To make it clear those who are affected will be able to afford cheap energy which can support their living standards.

What human need is your idea solving for? (1,000 characters)

If they are in areas where there is no electricity,they know that is not a worry because they already have the product which makes to them have hope,for example if there is food but you don't have energy for cooking that worries you, if also they keep their ways not stealing and creating problems with their neighbours. Therefore this product will solve the following problems, then meeting the needs of the people. 1)Now there is no energy, this product makes it available, they will not pay for it all the time, once they have bought it,what they may need to do, maybe is to maintain it in good condition. 2) They will use it, for lighting, cooking and for security purposes as they guard their animals at night. 3) That place is very dry, no crops that grows there,even grass for animals to get is a problem, so the product will be used to provide energy for irrigation 4) The basic needs, which they struggle to get will be met with less burden.

What will be different within the community of focus as a result of implementing your idea? (1,000 characters)

There being the product, people will produce their own food, electricity and energy for cooking. You will always know if you are doing well if you are attracting people to use the product, the number of people who are accepting the product.Nomads will have enough grass for their animals, they will grow their own crops to feed their families.Even if they want to go to another place to graze, they are able to carry the product.So, they can use it wherever go. They will not depend on rain to grow crops. Families will have plenty of food to feed on, nomads will have enough water,to water their animals, nomads will not depend only animals for survival but also on agriculture,people will not die because of hunger.commucations will be improved because people will listen to radios and they will develop gradually.

What is the inspiration behind your idea? (1,000 characters)

Because it solves their problems accordingly, it is new invention and very cheap and can be made in different sizes for everyone to afford.

Describe the dynamics of the community in which the idea is to be implemented. (1,000 characters)

One, it is a place where their is no access to electricity, very dry land and no trees.No grass enough grass,when you enter ,there what you encounter, is ugly situation, that does not support human survival, the standards of living is of low quality, people don't wear clothes properly, preparing foods in poor hygienic conditions, they fight for one source that is animals they keep.Most children don't go to school, girls get married in very early age, as I have clearly stated this a place ripen for business. Cultural practices are very high, that demean human rights.

How does your idea leverage and empower community strengths and assets to help create an environment for success? (1,000 characters)

The community has land that is very fertile but no rain to grow crops.My idea will ensure nomads practice irrigation,grow crops, they will be taught on how to use the product to create wealth,through the use of the product, they will be able to learn new technology,that will influence them and think well and improve their living standards. Irrigation will be the core thing ,that will be carried out by the nomads and their hosts.It will be like that, teaching them, the importance of it that will save them from the suffering they are going through.

What other partners or stakeholders will work alongside you in implementing the idea, if any? (1,000 characters)

I hope to work with RED CROSS,they do support, assist people who have been stricken with disasters, for free. They have been working in northern Kenya especially when drought hits those places.Because it will support the nomads, they will purchase for them.

What part of the displacement journey is your solution addressing

  • Arriving and settling at a destination community

Tell us how you'd describe the type of innovation you are proposing

  • Product: A new or enhanced physical product that creates value for end beneficiaries

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  • Blueprint: We are exploring the idea and gathering the inspiration and information we need to test it with real users.

Group or Organization Name

For now I have no group but I would like to have partnership with any organization that may be willing.This is a new idea,which ensures there is sufficient energy and supports environment and nomads.

Tell us more about your group or organization [or lived experience as a displaced person?] (1000 characters)

I am inventor and I love solving problems, for me this is opportunity to create for my people who are in Turkana for th cheap energy.I may have shown you in drawing, this idea. I may not like to disclose it to the public,finally the world will reach a time where such of my product, will be used. Where oil will be used up. As I am inventing and I am focusing on the big problems facing people in the society,nowadays there are pollutants ,that comes from firewood, charcoal and oil ,the need to have clean and safe energy.So to meet such challenge, it fits with my product people's help the persons who are on the move.My times I have read headlines on television, how people from northern parts ,suffer a lot from drought, animals die and even people. The condition there is very harsh for the nomads. Because they are on the move this product will be suitable for them to use and it is portable .

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It is not there but it will be in Nairobi because that is the right place to operate from.


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Hi geoffrey mosigisi  great to have you in the Challenge! This challenge is specifically focusing on people who have been displaced and communities on the move. You mentioned working with people on the move, but do you mean nomadic natives? What kind of help are they getting from their neighbors now, could you explain their relationship a little more? Could you share some more information about the energy supply product that forms the basis of your idea?
If you haven't done so yet, I'd recommend also taking a little time to dive into the Challenge Brief: and Evaluation Criteria:
I wonder if Isaac Jumba  has any thoughts to add?

Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Thanks sevde sengun for your feedback.Nomadic people are most ones who move place to place to search for pasture and water for their cattle in most parts of northern Kenya.This part is very dry, no farming takes place, population is very sparse, because of that there is enough space for grazing. So where they move to their neighbours will allow them to have land to graze their cattle for free.Now, if I want to empower the nomads with my energy producing product, then they would be given, to help them for cooking and lighting during nights,because the product is portable. Another importance is that their neighbours will benefit from them by irrigating their crops, if they have not grown crops then the nomads will help to make one, assist them to make a garden for example one for vegetables. You can see clearly the receiving community has given them land to graze. Also because they have that product,that produces power they in turn help their host who welcomed them. That creates peace. My product use already the technology which is available, it has three parts but can be connected when in use and can be disconnected when it is not in operation ,it does not use wind or battery ,even solar panels it is not using it,but the hand gives it initial kinetic energy.Let me know if I have not answered your questions but I also request you to ask more. Thanks

Photo of Sevde Şengün

Hello again geoffrey mosigisi  thanks for the answer, it's descriptive.
The challenge's idea phase will be closing on 17th August. Before its done could you clarify what are the results of the project so far in your Blueprint phase? And you can create a possible user and share with us
i.e. " journey map of nomadic people from northern Kenya "which is very important to integrate into this platform as you progress in the challenge!

And while you working on your idea these tool kits might be helpful ,
check out the Community Research toolkit here :
and the Prototyping toolkit here:

Photo of geoffrey mosigisi

Thank you sevde sengun for your feedback.

To update you now is that my design is completed and I am looking away of gathering the materials.I will also get you more information how people feel pain in northern Kenya what real nomads face.

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