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This project aims to develop a culture of peace, and nonviolent conflict resolution in Nigerian children and youths.

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We believe that conflict resolution, being the basis for good drama, is one of the best ways of instilling social values in our children, and youths. If the children, youths, and adults are given the opportunity to interact in drama and other informal activities, advocacy against incidents of violence, child trafficking and abuse; drug dealing and drug abuse and other social vices will grow to become a culture among Nigerians. We also plan to introduce School-based Mediation Programs (SMP) at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Children learn quickly and hold tenaciously to the ideals they imbibe early on in life. Rather than having adults preach down at them, the problem of society, children will be guided to create these scenarios and proffer their solutions. There is a serious need for peacebuilding in Nigeria. Inter-personal, inter-generational, inter-tribal, inter-communal, religious, religious sectarianism conflicts are perpetuated by individuals who are members of various families. Identifying nonviolent solutions to the causes of conflict through family, peer, and social support, will empower people with the skills or ability to resolve conflicts using non-violent methods. Peacebuilding in our community, especially in the traditional networks will forestall violence and its consequences.

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Our location of focus is Nigeria. We plan to commence the project in the Federal Capital Territory, hoping to extend our projects nationwide.

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As peace builders, our idea will build the bridge of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Our commitment to dialogue, mediation and reconciliation can ensure durable peace in Nigeria, extensively to Africa, and the world, for a shared future of mutual respect.

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Addressing societal issues that affect peace, and give guidance to lasting peace in our society.

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The actionable impact will be evident in raising good leaders as peacebuilding bridges in our communities.

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Our peacebuilding and conflict resolution projects are necessary in our communities. Promoting outstanding leadership, good governance, integrity building, transparency and accountability through radio and television programs, peace plays, drama competitions, and enlightenment on: -Tenets of democracy and civic responsibility in elections, -Responsibility in maintaining high ethical standards in the society, and -Self and peer mediation as a means of creating a culture of peace. The drama competitions will encourage excellence, through role play. Prizes are to be awarded to winners, and participants recognized.

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Focusing on young minds is schools, LAMPAIX has created Peace Clubs for conflict resolution training, peace-building and human rights education in Nigeria. In secondary schools, Peace Clubs will operate similar to how debating societies were, back in the day when we were in Federal Government Colleges. LAMPAIX plans to start a National Peace Day on which different schools will come together in friendly competitions, in debates and drama and all activities that will foster friendships that will endure beyond school days. In tertiary institutions, Peace Clubs will work as integral part of Students' Union Governments interfacing between students and authorities as first responders, striving to resolve conflicts as peers, in non-threatening environments.

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LAMPAIX's idea builds on the strengths and potential of Nigeria's children, and youths, including children and youths on the move. Through the Peace Clubs and competitions, they become empowered to become catalysts for peace by carrying their knowledge and experience into the world of the home, work, and society. This way, everybody wins.

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Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX)

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Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX) is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation devoted to the cause of building sustainable peace for development, and full enjoyment of human rights. It was co-founded by Ozioma Izuora, a veteran lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator, with long years of teaching youths in schools, having obtained a masters degree in Education, of Exeter University, England; and Rt. Hon Kanayo Oguakwa, a lawyer of repute and a two - term Member, of the House of Representatives of Nigeria. LAMPAIX was incorporated in Nigeria, and launched in April 2005, with lectures delivered by accomplished practitioners on different aspects of peace building and conflict management. These lectures have been published in a book entitled ‘Peace Building Through Mediation’ which is a veritable reference material for all practitioners and researchers. Many students of higher institutions have found it invaluable in their research. Carry on the Lamp of Peace!

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Federal Capital Territory.


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Love the peer mediation program idea. To respond to Bremley's comment, maybe: youth as being on the move towards adulthood

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Thank you, Nathalie Al-Zyoud 

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