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Peace Building Through Vocational Training Project(PBVTP)

The idea will contribute through training the communities members in torillaring and information technology (IT)

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What problem does the idea help to solve and how does your solution work? (2,000 characters maximum)

It will help to solute the shortage of practical education within this school drop out, child mother and the youth who can not afford to pay school fee (vulnerable youths) to equip them with knowledge of tailoring and information communication systems and Technology (ICT) which will help them to gain experience and earn them income, this can uplift their life with community and can be able at least to pay for their young one at school. This will promote educational growth with the country and results to the entire global. Bridge the gap between therathical education and practical education which is more valuable in children life

Geography of focus (500 characters)

East African, northern Uganda in the district of Gulu, omoro, lamoo, amuru district FSI targeted this community (ies) it is the area affect alot In war for 22 years and the level of education I'd low, high school drop out, and contained a huge percentages of Southern Sudan of which they need to be strength through vocational training,(torilaring and ICT)

Building Bridges: What bridge does your idea build between people on the move and neighbors towards a shared future of stability and promise? (500 characters)

The training will be giving to both the people on the move and the hosting communities so this will bring friendship and brotherhood among the two communities.

What human need is your idea solving for? (1,000 characters)

My idea will be solving the problem of education through provisions of practical education (tailoring and information technology/ community computer training.) which equipped the beneficiary with the skills to employ for a living and life changing within the community and make them be able to standout to support their families. Tailoring and computer training will equipped the youths, children's child mother with more knowledge to support them self and it is for life time some can still be using the skills he or she had acquired for the programs that why it beyond the basic needs.

What will be different within the community of focus as a result of implementing your idea? (1,000 characters)

Vocational school shall be constructed. Children, youths child mother will be trained with tailoring and computer skills. Saving and entrepreneurial skills will be trained. Life of people will be transformed through community empowerment through provision of basic needs. Since most of the work now day is done by computer, but in this region few youths, child mother and children knows how to operate computer so it will at there greatest hand to learn this program, tailoring programs it will help this community since most people use to put on this African wear which are locally made and it is on demand so it be source of in come for them.

What is the inspiration behind your idea? (1,000 characters)

Help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big. Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world. Jack Ma

Describe the dynamics of the community in which the idea is to be implemented. (1,000 characters)

Young people in South Sudan exist in a precarious state. For many youth, educational attainment is abysmally low and economic participation is weak and inconsistent. As young people are the majority of the population, they are at the forefront of their country’s violent political struggles. • Surveyed youth in this study (Warrap and Unity States) showed a low primary school completion rate of 55 percent. The gender-based completion rate was consistent with national rates (with 74 percent of girls enrolling in primary school without finishing compared to 37 percent of boys). At the secondary level, three out of four boys who started secondary school finished compared to half of the girls. Results for rural youth showed only one out of ten youth who started secondary school finished, compared to one out of four urban youth. Among surveyed youth, only 35 percent reported earning an income.

How does your idea leverage and empower community strengths and assets to help create an environment for success? (1,000 characters)

After training, the project will will buy sewing machines for tailoring trainees and link ICT trainees to the nearby Computer centers

What other partners or stakeholders will work alongside you in implementing the idea, if any? (1,000 characters)

Local and Community Leaders

What part of the displacement journey is your solution addressing

  • Arriving and settling at a destination community

Tell us how you'd describe the type of innovation you are proposing

  • Service: A new or enhanced service that creates value for end beneficiaries

Idea Proposal Stage

  • Prototype: We have done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.

Group or Organization Name

Focus Save International (FSI)

Tell us more about your group or organization [or lived experience as a displaced person?] (1000 characters)

OUR VISION is to envisions a peaceful and a prosperous community. OUR MISSION is to promote socio-economic development so as to improve on the status and quality of life of the poor and the vulnerable orphans, widows, child mothers, elderly and the disabled. and our Goal is to train community groups on quality improvement and entrepreneurship skills. As community based Organisation we are deeply rooted in the community which the Idea we really know the community and so attached to the community.

Type of submitter

  • We are a registered Non-Profit Organization

Organization Headquarters: Country


Organization Headquarters: City / State



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