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Center for Social Integration for Refugee Children

To ensure the development of refugee children's educational and social fields in Turkey and to give them the value to society.

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One of the most important social problems in the world today is migration and immigration. There are two main types of migration that are widely known for their reasons. The first is voluntary migration, which can be explained as positive migration. The second is forced migration. The type of migration that concerns our subject is the type of migration in which people have to leave their hometown, home, field, work, workplace and even their past as a result of the problems experienced by the people due to the war which is one of the types of forced migration. March 2015 from the civil war in Syria has hosted many thousands of Syrians in Turkey. Refugees' Association in January 2019 that also publishes' Syrians in Turkey 'When we look at Site Statistics; There are a total of 3,632,622 Syrians. The biggest problems of the Syrians are health, food and beverage, housing and education. Syrian children, who are faced with a very different education system from their countries, have some problems in the Turkish education system. It can be said that these problems are primarily language problems and cultural problems. This project Syrian children in Turkey to offer a solution to the problem of language in which they lived before joining the formal education and are prepared to contribute to the development of Syrian children. In Turkey, there is a need for such a center. We need to establish a social cohesion center to integrate children into the education system and engage in social activities.

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Refugees' Association in January 2019 that also publishes' Syrians in Turkey 'When we look at Site Statistics; There are a total of 3,632,622 Syrians. The cities where the Syrians migrate most are listed below. • Istanbul • Sanliurfa • Hatay • Gaziantep • Adana • Mersin Especially Adana and its environs is a region where refugee families and children live in poverty. Refugee children do not receive adequate education in this region. This is due to language problems and culture.

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Families of Syrian children: Families will be positively affected as there will be no problems in the integration process in the school. Since the crime rates will decrease with the increase in the number of teachers and students in the school in the long term, the people of the region will be positively affected by the project. If children are integrated, it will be easier to establish common cultural bridges. With the transformation of children into educated individuals, greater problems in

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The right to education should be given to develop their general culture and abilities, individual decision-making power, moral and social responsibility and to make them a useful member of society. The responsibility for this training should be the family first. The first stages of education should be free and compulsory. When this principle is taken into consideration, all children of the world should enjoy the rights in this declaration without distinction between religion, language, race, color, gender, nationality, property, political and social class. To Turkey from Syrian children are experiencing some problems in the process of adapting the Turkish education system. Sub-problems experienced in adapting to the education system; Not to be subjected to an orientation process prior to formal education Teachers and Syrian children do not know the language, Legal regulations are inadequate.

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Children of Turkish education, which is in pre-school age in the process of being integrated into the system and the language problems they had before joining the formal education of children of school age In order to solve through stakeholders' SOCIAL INTEGRATİON CENTER' will facilitate opening of Syrian children in the steps of accessible education in Turkey. Foreign language teaching is a process that can be applied at any age and at all levels but needs to be taken seriously. Foreign language teaching at an early age has become very important in recent years. Children's language problems will be solved and cultural differences will be overcome. Refugee children in crime rates, along with the integration of the education system in Turkey will decrease. An environment will be created where families can safely entrust their children. Refugee children will be encouraged to develop themselves socially.

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More than 3 million Syrians who immigrated to Turkey to occur in 1 million school-age children. Revealing the difficulties he has experienced. The Syrians to end the drama experienced by mankind and will need to increase the quality of education in Turkey. Syrian schooling nearly half of children not in Turkey, the schooling of children has resolved not to wait for the difficulties they encounter in their educational environment. It is necessary to examine and solve the factors that make it difficult for Syrian families to send their children to school, especially the issue of enrolling girls in school. In this context, these solutions include ensuring diversity and pluralism in education, diversifying the curriculum and recognizing the pluralism of Syrian families.

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8. The crisis in Syria, the country with the longest border with Turkey, is the country that attracts the biggest burden. Both look at history, as well as Turkey's most embracing against asylum-seekers within the framework of ethical and legal responsibilities towards asylum seekers would be correct to say that a country. The educational problem of Syrian refugee children is multidimensional and the number of students is large. There are also Syrian families who want to and do not want to educate their children in the co-educational system, and increasing the options as much as possible will reduce their tendency to stay out of the education process. Studies that will reduce the tendency of Syrian families to detain girls from school and enable them to be included in the education process are important. Elapsed time in politics is emerging development needs for the adaptation process when born in Turkey and Syria, where the field of education considering the population.

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It is seen that refugee families and children need to know their rights and demands on school, hospital and basic issues. Both local authorities and public institutions should provide bilingual information and raise awareness of their rights. In some schools, even in international schools, there is no language preparatory class. At the same time, it is understood that the teachers who give Turkish lessons do not have enough education about teaching Turkish to foreigners. It is obvious that those who do not speak enough language will have difficulty in social and business life outside the school. The Syrians who have language problems will continue to live in themselves, which may lead to a lack of communication and integration with other segments of the society. For these reasons, neither language education nor children should forget their own language, or children who go back to school should be targeted language education.

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In particular, we will work in cooperation with local authorities. In addition to the structures connected to the central administration, local administrations were also assigned to provide services to refugees in accordance with Article 13 of the Municipal Law No: 5393 titled şeh Citizen's Law başta. We will reach refugee children faster by cooperating with local authorities. We will receive support from the municipality for the establishment of the center. these supports are especially important for the location of the center. In Adana, there will be cooperation with Seyhan Municipality, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Seyhan Municipality, Çukurova Municipality and Yüregir Municipality in Yüregir district where Syrian refugee children live. Adana region needs such an institution. Together with the cooperation, a strong institution will be created.

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Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects Association (Yenilikci Atılım Projeleri Dernegi)

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Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects Association (Yenilikci Atılım Projeleri Dernegi) ; With the aim of producing projects, campaigns and publications for activating and strengthening the change and development in the field of civil society through Entrepreneurship, R & D & Innovation, Education, Environment, Sports, Culture and Arts, and to cooperate with persons and organizations carrying out legal studies in this direction. Was established in 2018 in Adana.   Our Vision: To direct social change and development through smart projects and innovative initiatives. Our Mission: To support every useful production in the social field Our principle: "Build, increase and share"   Strengths: Young and determined staff, Project culture, local network capacity and organizational experience.   The Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects has a young and dynamic team experienced in project writing-project management, training and youth organizations.

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