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''Heal the world'' Make the world a better place for the entire universe.

Using music celebs power of influence and inspirational to change the negative perception the host society has towards the displaced people.

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Tanzania is one of the world's most generous refugee hosting countries.This is because in the neighbouring such as Rwanda,Burundi,and congo peace has become the foreign language they are not willing to understand.Due to war,violence and persecution their people flee their home to Tanzania to seek for a place to stay.This is because of high rate of insecurity and violation of human right.This led them into one among the refugees camp that are Nyarugusu,Nduta or Mtendeli.But due to socio-economic and environmental effects of refugee the host society doesn't feel comfortable and pleasing around the refugees.Hence they become a threat and create hostility between them which make the refugees not welcomed to interact with the host citizens into daily social activities which makes the refugees feel isolated. This led to the outbreak of xenophobia.The host society terms the refugees as criminals and barbarians hence became difficult for the two sides to share any among the resources or social services.Refugees have to stay in their camp and restricted from engaging themselves into income generating activities which led into the shortcomings in term of water,sanitation,shelter and education for refugees in the country.And once they feel isolated in the process of finding the way to survive Refugees might engage themselves into illegal activities in order to make sure that at least they earn a little to make them and their families survive and hence create enmity.Therefore what need to be done is to build mutual understanding between two side and enhance strong relationship that can bring unity and eliminate superiority and inferiority complexity.In order to do this we need to find people who might inspire the host society understand that chaos can never solve the matter at hand.That way music celebrities might fit in since they are most influential and inspirational in the society.Then we use them in this music tour of heal the world campaign to build love and respect.

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Primarily focus is the host societies in Tanzania that these three camps are located namely Nyarugusu,Nduta and Mtendeli in Kigoma Region.This is because due to socio-economic and environmental effects quarrels between two sides must arise and socialization becomes difficul due to misunderstanding and lack of respect to one another.Also this idea is universal applicable.Any place hosting refugees encounter the same challenges.

Building Bridges: What bridge does your idea build between people on the move and neighbors towards a shared future of stability and promise? (500 characters)

Since music celebrities have the great influence into people's lifestyle and impact them socially culturally and economically.This idea bring people together and unify them through listening music and dancing.Also creating mutual respect and understanding by being inspired by people they love most.This can help the host society to accept the refugees and share with them resources they have.Peace and love is the basic foundation of any stable society.

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People with no quarrels works together in order to build the stable society.Treating each other with love and respect and working together brings unity among them..hence this society regain joy,hope and dignity which led to the acquisition of better social services with food and shelter included.Fading of the great fear in that society and people feeling secure.Both sides will agree on how to deal with any criminal acts.With the presence of peace and love the unification is strengthened and hence the speed of development within the society is improved.

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During the heal the world campaign people will be able to interact with their celebrities and listen the songs that were composed to bring them together and motivate them to love one another.Understanding the power celebrities have over people who loves them and how they impact their lifestyles socially,economically and emotionally.During the campaign these celebrities social media accounts such as Instagram,Twitter and Facebook will be promoting that music tour that will be insisting on making world the better place by loving and helping each other in day to day life.I have seen this idea working in different endorsement politically and economically.There at the end of this campaign am sure the targeted society will change accordingly.

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I have seen how people affected by people they love in making decisions in their life socially,economically politically and emotionally.Tanzania in the previous election music celebrities were used to influence people on voting for a certain political party and it worked.Also in America most of the African-American music celebrities influenced people to vote for Obama.Therefore this can do more than we can imagine by changing attitudes,perception from negative to positive.Therefore since the highly accepted celebrities in Tanzania are from Kigoma am sure this idea will work out.Also Inspired by late King of pope namely'Michael Jackson'who by chance he went through the campaign though he specifically tend to help children who live in unpleasant environment and he succeeded.

Describe the dynamics of the community in which the idea is to be implemented. (1,000 characters)

The number of refugees in kigoma is increasing since the neighbouring countries are not politically stable.The growing range of the number of refugees led to the scarcity of the resources they need to share.This push them to go outside their camps to look for labor and the possibility of social interaction.This led to social rejection and xenophobia which might arise conflict among the host society and the refugees.Unfortunately all three camps are located in one region that is Kigoma.The more the number the higher the risks.

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Music and the singers are now getting the strong attention from the people.Due to the high advancement of technology and the high rate of number of people possessing smartphones and the the fully participation of social media increases the funbase of the music celebrities.Therefore the music celebrities have gained power to inspire and influence people into making decisions pertaining their life and their families included. Therefore this campaign through these celebrities and the power they have and their funbase and the networking they have it's easy to motivate people into doing what they need them to do.Not only people but also Ngo's and the government might want to play part in this campaign since it touches the life of human being and spread love and make people understand the importance of peace and harmony.Also the humanitarian movement institutions might bless the campaign with all support since it aim to go against violation of human rights.

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Local music celebrities and legal and human rights institutions,also the government,and all Ngo's that are willing to support the movement.

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As a youth understanding what influence peer groups and society at large in decision making or behaviour changes.Celebrities is the best weapon to change the society perception towards the refugee hence in our society music and lifestyle of these celebrities have the great impacts to the society we live in.Being the youth member I understand what should be done to bring immediate changes in my society which makes me the right person to be given the opportunity to implement my idea

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Above is the report of socio-economic assessment in the refugees camps and hosting district of Kigoma Region.


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Photo of Uchenna Okafor

Hi Hussein, what an amazing and a unique design! I sincerely appreciate such approach to solving chronic social problems. Could you please extend it for improving the livelihood of disabled persons in Tanzania and across Africa? Yes; they are living in organised, institutionalized, and almost societal approved harrowing ordeal without rays of hope. Disability in most countries in Africa is the definition of mass social rejection, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, destitution and homelessness, lack of human dignity and emotional peace among others. Unfortunately, the entire society and the governments appear to be comfortable with the ugly situation, sadly though; what else could be worse?

Photo of Sultan Hussein

Hi Uchenna
I understand your concern and I really appreciate that you see my idea worth working on.I know the place of disabled people in many societies all over the world and I Am touched since you're speaking from experience and I promise to put that into my consideration if my idea pass through the next phase.Thanks for reminding me on such a pressing matter.Thank you very much.

Photo of Uchenna Okafor

Thanks a million.

Photo of Sultan Hussein

You are welcome.

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