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Gender empowerment and land corruption in Nigeria

Women Empowerment Through Skills Training For Socio Economic Changes and Self Reliance

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Adewumi Mojisola pitched an innovative approach to tackling the disproportionate impact of land corruption on women in Nigeria, through the introduction of Interactive Community Panels. Consisting of community members, women’s leaders, religious representatives and lawyers, the panels are informed about issues relating to women’s rights and work to enhance women’s income generation through land-related activities. The panels work with women on income generating activities, while informing and enabling them to improve their livelihoods and fight for equal land rights. Read the full proposal (link is external).

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In many African settings, particularly Nigeria the strong link between land and gender cannot be overemphasized. Land is a valuable economic resource and the individual’s ability to derive economic or non- economic value from land depends upon existing land rights. Therefore, the lack of access to land and ownership rights results in a lack of collateral. This, in turn, limits access to farming and credit facilities, thus increasing levels of poverty and displacement among rural women.

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A community driven approach is explored, focusing on influencing the cultural heritage and belief of people , to change the mindset towards a shared future of stability and promise, We followed up our mission through advocacy , empowerment and education on human rights to strenghten the community understanding of diversity and inclusivess for community development . our project seek the endorsement of religious groups , youth leaders , women leaders and other relevant stakeholders.

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Under the leadership of 21st Century Entrepreneur initiatives, community women have successfully undertaken collective action and have participated in capacity-building programs, including advocacy, lobbying and mobilization. The strength of the collective has given women the courage to translate their learning into reality. Women gain awareness of their rights and play an active role in claiming their rights Many women are able to set up small suitainable business with loan support. For example, Sarah was able to start business in confectioneries, and then used the collective learning and awareness provided by the program to claim back her lands to grow cassava and vegetables which have been helpful to feed her family. While the profit made on confectioneries business are able to take care of her children education in public schools. Access to land made it easy for Sarah to become house owner with land title and documents.

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The proposed project shall focused mainly on women . The project is designed to be all inclusive, with the ability to create a viable platform for policy memorandum; most importantly , the project shall by design,showcase the women’s abilities as a changemakers and leaders which are hardly noticed in various communities due to lack of political will to implement policy that support gender equality. Moreso the project explores community based approach and desighned to benefit marginalised women who form the 60% population in the mapped out area. The empowerment of the core group will ensure that the entire community owns the project. Apart from the organizations presence in the project area and the coorperations from the communities it works with, our project will seek the endorsement of religious groups , youth leaders , women leaders and relevant government authorities. The impact assessment will be determine base on the achievement of our main objectives along with action plan

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Growing up was quite challenging to me, born in River side community of Ondo State Nigeria where culture determines the right of every women and girls , where women are totally disengaged from the process of development. Apart from my childhood experiences the birth of this initiative was based on dehumanizing experiences shared by community women who has experience a lot of marginalizations. Sarah my childhood friend was a young vibrant woman, who became an orphan before the age of ten and forced into marriage at the age of 15 with a polygamist farmer of 60 years. She lost her husband before the age of 25 with four female children. Having seen the continuous trends of misplaced rights and displacements among womenn like Sarah and other experiences of land injustice shared by community women, this initiative creates a safe meeting platform in communities and villages helping women that are displaced, marginalized by poverty and phycological difference. Igniting change from within

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This initiatives is based upon the success of an existing case study from the River side area of Ondo state, is a rural location in South-Western Nigeria. This area attracts foreign investors and sees many forceful evictions without compensation to pave way for foreign investors to carry out exploitation and exploration of crude oil ,apart from other experienced arising from customary practices and lack of political will to implements land polucy , lt has led to displacement of people from their community to find refuge in neighbouring communities. This area have been in total electricity black out for the past 10 years due to malfunctioning convectional electricity distribution supply .This deprives many women, particularly widows of their lands for agricultural and fishing activities. SME business which are pioneered by most women were also affected due to lack of access to electricity, the economy activities remain weak faced with rapid emigration to urban area.

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This initiatives seeks to provide insight on the situation of rural community women, particularly widows concerning lack of access to land right as well as its impact on their livelihood. It seeks the active involvement of women in the rural community, using first-hand information to initiate actions. This is pursued through awareness, advocacy and education. Sustainable empowerment for women is a tool to address all forms of social injustice among women. Women must be part of developing solutions to issues concerning them, for instance many CSOs, local and global NGOs and research institutions have played major roles in women’s empowerment and poverty alleviation, but the sustainability approach was missing. Through education on human rights and meaningful engagement, community women are empowered to play a vital role in their leadership development as well as the community development. In selecting the beneficiaries, age, number of children, marital status an

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Current partners: Community head of River side comunity ilaje Ondo State Nigeria. *Religious group. *Ondo State Government *Association of female lawyers Ondo State. *Market women Organization. *Community youth led organizations. International organizations like Thomson Reuters Foundation London, Transparency international Berlin and World Youth Forum Egypt. Future Partners I sincerely hope to meet and interact with the Executive Director UN Women , Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka due to the fact that UN Women is an organization that recognized the importance of gender equality as key to delivering on the promises of sustainability peace and security.

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21st Century Entrepreneur initiatives

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21ST CENTURY ENTREPRENEUR INITIATIVES initiated in 2013, is a type of community based development approach with focuses on two key areas: 1. on how land rights influence women’s economic empowerment in the rural communities, in this case, using sustainable empowerment in a creative way through meaningful engagement and; 2. Working with policy makers, To ensure that women in Nigeria are included in the process of development, including advocating for gender balance in the prevention of violent conflict and in maintaining peace and security in the community area level. This initiative seeks to increase women participation in peace process and explores the role of advocacy and empowerment as tools to strengthen the rural community’s understanding of gender and land rights. It seeks the active involvement of women in the rural community, using first-hand information to initiate actions. We believe that Sustainable empowerment for women is a tool to address all forms of social

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This initiatives is legally registerd with Corporate Affairs commission Nigeria but we had to let you aware that we are short of funds to finalised our website. In this case we have active social media account.

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Akure Ondo State


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Hi Mojisola Adewumi! I salute your bravery towards ending this ugly treatment against the female folk. Sadly such treatment is often supported by different cultures and traditions across Africa. Nonetheless, how will you ensure that rural women are fully accommodated in this design? It appears that similar attempts in the past are always hijacked by the elites and never got to rural dwellers and less educated.

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