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OpenIDEO is working with CO-OP Financial Services and co-sponsor MasterCard on the Financial Empowerment Challenge. CO-OP is excited by this new, completely reimagined approach to their five-year-old CO-OP THINK Prize, where they’re asking the OpenIDEO community to help design solutions to the question: “How might we use the power of communities to financially empower those who need it most?” OpenIDEO caught up with Samantha Paxson, Chief Marketing Officer for CO-OP, to discuss the Financial Empowerment Challenge.

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In the Refugee Education Challenge, we have community roles in Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda. They'll be familiar faces in this challenge, and we're excited to introduce you!

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In preparation for the Amplify program’s Refugee Education Challenge, the Amplify Team had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia and Uganda, and meet with refugees from Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over three weeks, we heard stories of incredible struggle and resilience, began to understand the services available to refugees, and learned something very important: the refugee experience is different for every individual and family that goes through it.

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This week OpenIDEO relaunched with a responsive, mobile-friendly platform. As our community continues to grow and diversify, we know that our collaborative space needs to keep up. This new iteration allows more people to participate, regardless of where they are and what devices they are using. Twice as fast and mobile-friendly, we hope to see more people joining the conversation, whether they are inspired on the go or live somewhere with limited internet.

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The Renewable Energy Challenge has acted as a powerful catalyst for devising innovative solutions to a long touted problem: transitioning to renewable energy. Join us in celebrating our eight top inspiring solutions that will help communities become rapidly renewable and all of our contributions throughout the challenge.

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