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Zero To Five Challenge – Tips For Ideas

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As we begin to develop and build upon new ideas in the Ideas phase, check out what’s Creative Director, Patrice Martin has to say about keeping an open mind and embracing ambiguity during the ideation process.

We’re four weeks into our Zero to Five Challenge and we're so inspired by the dynamic global conversation that's emerging around what it takes to ensure children thrive. In the Research phase, we’ve collected expert knowledge, a diverse range of personal stories and success stories from around the world.

Using this as inspiration, The Amplify Team recently came together to reflect on the themes, compelling insights and patterns that our community brought to the challenge. We came up with five main themes, each representing a compelling opportunity for designing solutions. These themes are framed as Missions for our Ideas phase:


Health and nutrition are crucial foundations for all other aspects of early childhood development. A sick or malnourished child may miss school, have trouble learning language and is at risk for stunted growth. Add your idea


Character traits like leadership, determination and resilience enable children to overcome obstacles throughout life and make the most out of opportunities they encounter. Skills like pattern recognition, critical thinking and numeracy contribute to success in school and beyond. Add your idea


Many parents are unaware of the developmental needs their children have in their early years. Without a baseline understanding of major milestones, parents are left without the information they need to prioritize the most crucial aspects of their children’s growth and cognitive development. Add your idea


Parents around the world are already connected to a network of extended family, community institutions, schools, churches, etc. where they seek support, information and advice. These networks are a potential starting point for introducing new services, tools and information. Add your idea


There are countless innovations designed to improve children's health and wellbeing in their first five years. What other tools, products and services could help parents raise happy, healthy children? Add your idea

In each of these missions, there’s a world of possibilities for us to explore. As we kick off the Ideas phase, you can post an idea you’ve been waiting to share or imagine fresh ideas  by using our Brainstorm in a Box. We also encourage you to check out our Design Principles and our Anatomy Of An Idea, which outline the most important elements of our solutions, to ensure your idea takes into account our key learnings from the Research. 

Finally, keep in mind that testing ideas is a great way to build instant insights. What elements of your idea can easily and quickly be tested with end users such as parents or community organizations? Use these Tips and Tricks to Run an Effective Prototype to get started – and stay tuned for more prototyping resources in the near future! 

Hope to see you in the Zero to Five Challenge soon,
The Amplify Team

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