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Zero To Five Challenge: Announcing Our Top Ideas

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For over three and a half months, OpenIDEO has brought together ideators from around the world to take a human centered approach to solutions with the potential to improve the lives of parents and young children. We have been so impressed with the quality of the ideas that have been generated and the rich conversations that have been a part of this challenge from the very beginning. Join us in celebrating these inspiring solutions for early childhood development:


Integrating Micro-Insurance for Families into Agricultural Cooperatives 

Submitted by: Eastern Congo Initiative & Local Partners  |  Implementation Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Eastern Congo Initiative plans to introduce community-based health insurance to agricultural cooperatives that it has been providing financial, administrative and technical support to in the DRC. Community-based health insurance will allow parents to access money to respond to their children's health needs. The cooperatives will also provide a forum for parent education on child heath.  We love this integrated model – tying health information to livelihoods – and believe it has great potential to help families prioritize care.  Read More

Enhanced Kangaroo Mother Care 
Submitted by: Embrace Innovations  |  Implementation Location: India

Embrace Innovations is developing a line of low cost products that increase the adoption of Kangaroo mother care – skin to skin contact between mother and premature children known to increase infant survival. Responding to the challenges women face after returning home after delivery (household obligations, a lack of privacy, etc.), they came up with several prototypes to help new mothers adopt this behaviour. Over the course of the challenge, Embrace Innovations has tested several prototypes in India and is in the process of iterating on their design. We're excited about the opportunity to use design to empower women to give the best start in life to their babies.   Read More

 SHISHU Newborn Parenting Kit

Submitted by: Ayzh  |  Implementation Location: India (with plans for scale across Asia & Africa)

Ayzh, a social enterprise based in India, is prototyping a 'First 48 Hours Kit' that contains the basic items and information parents need to fight infection and encourage thriving after returning from a clinic or hospital. Ayzh has already found great success with their $2 Clean Birthing Kit used by clinics and birth attendants in multiple countries. They spent the Refinement phase gathering user feedback and collaborating with the OpenIDEO community to make their idea and the content of the kits more human-centered. We love that they are developing a delivery method that empowers parents and encourages the adoption of internationally recognized best practices.  Read More

Preventing Illness Through Improved Flooring 
Submitted by: ARCHIVE Global  |  Implementation Location: Bangladesh

Diarrheal diseases among young children are often caused by soil-borne pathogens. ARCHIVE Global has developed a simple solution to this problem – replacing dirt floors with concrete. Families contribute 10% of the cost of the flooring and participate in the installation. Additionally, ARCHIVE offers workshops to educate parents about the link between housing and health, helping parents improve their home environment. This straightforward concept has the potential to prevent disease and they have incorporated extensive feedback from local communities, OpenIDEO and IDEO designers into their prototypes.   Read More

Tracking Maternal Depression & Child Growth

Submitted by: Childhood Neuropsychiatric Disorders Initiative (CNDI)  |  Implementation Location: Nigeria

CDNI proposes to leverage Nigeria's National Immunization Program to screen for postpartum depression among mothers. Addressing depression in mothers improves the health of the central figure in a child's life and has the potential to promote mother/child bonding and improve childhood outcomes. CNDI has begun prototyping this idea and has secured a partnership with hospitals willing to help pilot the enhanced screening program. The team demonstrated a strong commitment to the Refinement process and bolstered their submission with scientific research. We love that it's addressing an often overlooked issue – maternal mental health.  Read More

Group Care for Child Health

Submitted by: Possible Health  |  Implementation Location: Rural Nepal

This idea disrupts the traditional pediatric care model (one doctor, one patient) by leveraging existing social networks to provide group care. The aim is to increase the uptake of health services and decrease mortality, neonatal sepsis, diarrhea and malnutrition. This idea is strongly rooted in human-centered design and has incorporated extensive community feedback in changes to the program design. Collaboration has been the name of the game for this team and their commitment to sharing their experience and expertise can be seen on the pages of many ideas in this challenge. Read More

Promoting Local Nutrition Solutions

Submitted by: International Youth Empowerment Network  |  Implementation Location: Central Uganda (including Kampala)

During their research, the International Youth Empowerment Network discovered that many parents think that healthy, nutritious food is too expensive or difficult to access and prepare. Through village health teams, parents and community council leaders this program will provide information on healthy food combinations, recipes, budgeting and time saving food preparation techniques. The hard-working team behind this idea has devoted endless hours to collaborating, incorporating human-centered research and sharing their learning with the OpenIDEO community.  Read More

School-Based Mobile Clinics for Health Education 
Submitted by: Village HopeCore International  |  Implementation Location: Rural Kenya

Village HopeCore International runs after school clinics providing basic health services to children at 72 schools in rural Kenya. Their idea is to expand their programming to include workshops for parents about raising healthy children, reproductive health and early development. While parents are learning, children will be led through games and exercises proven to provide cognitive stimulation. The team conducted extensive user testing and iterated on their idea, including adding fathers to the clinics and gender-specific breakout sessions. Our experts loved the paired approach of using a single touchpoint to provide cognitive stimulation, health services and parent education.  Read More

Tailored Support Groups for Young Mothers

Submitted by: Jhpiego  |  Implementation Location: Urban Kenya

Young mothers between the ages of 14 and 24 years old are often in vulnerable situations and may not have access to developing the skills they need to give their children the best start in life. Jhpiego would like to create support groups for these women, providing information about early childhood, parenting and a forum to discuss the challenges that they are facing. We believe that designing a tailored experience for young mothers could be transformative for young mothers in Nairobi.  Read More

Using Packaging for Education and Play
Submitted by: Maurizio Bricola  | Implementation Location: Malawi

Families around the world use packaged goods on a daily basis. Recognizing this, the team saw opportunity to repurpose the packaging of common household products to serve as resources for education and play. Over the course of the challenge, the group has come up with two different types of prototypes, one providing information about early childhood on packaging for parents to read, the other providing instructions on how to repurpose packaging into instruments for creative play. They have worked tirelessly to find appropriate products and ways to test this in the real world – including sending prototypes to other members of the OpenIDEO community - like the Promoting Local Nutrition Solutions team!  Read More


We'd also like to celebrate a few other ideas that captured our imaginations and were excellent examples of collaboration, partnership formation and commitment to the human centered design process. Congratulations to Story Stones, Thrive Thru 5, and Physiotherapy Unit


Over the next 2-3 months, the Amplify Team and experts will take a deeper look at each of the Top Ideas and select a handful to receive seed funding and/or support from designers to take their idea forward. We call this the Funded phase and it will include the concepts for which funding or design support from the Amplify program can have the greatest impact.


We hope that everyone who contributed to this challenge continues to collaborate, refine and work at bringing your ideas to life. An Impact Story is a great way to summarize your idea and progress, continue to activate the community around your idea, and help our team promote your idea across our networks. Use this template to guide your thinking.

1. Did this challenge change the way you think, open you up to new communities or generate new relationships in your life? Share your Inspiring Impact Story.
2. Did you develop a great idea, but have no time to implement it? Request someone else adopts your idea.
3. Are you working on an idea that needs collaborators, implementors or experts? Request the community's support.


We've been so inspired by the creativity and hard work from the OpenIDEO community – thank you for joining together to devise solutions that support parents and young children around the world. 

The Amplify Team 

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Zero To Five Challenge


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