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Youth Mentor Challenge – Ideas We Love

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Coreen Callister is our Youth Mentor Challenge Manager. You'll see her popping up across the Youth Mentor Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and sharing insights here around intergenerational collaboration.

Jose's Knowledge Relay visuals help bring his idea for cross-generation connections to life.

We're well into our Youth Mentor Challenge Ideas phase and already seeing lots of great ideas emerge around our five Opportunity Areas. As we build momentum and move into the second half of the Ideas phase, we thought we'd take stock of some of our favorite ideas so far:

Design Tools for Connection

Share the Spare Capacity 
We love the idea of 'Social Hitchhiking' and meeting young people where they're at in everyday life instead of adding something extra. 

The Sunday Brunch
A fun take on a toolkit that touches multiple impact areas: teaches nutrition, self-reliance and creates space for connection in the kitchen.

With Me v2.0: Generations of Shared Humanity
We are loving the evolution of analog to digital with this iterated idea from the Healthy Ageing Challenge.  

Knowledge Relay
Beautiful visuals and thoughtful explorations of bringing people together through life milestones (retirement and graduation).

Match & Swap: Think meets Skillshare
We love the rich community conversations happening around this idea. Feels fresh and so inviting!

Reminiscing Together
An incredible digital prototype video brings to life the sharing and preservation of beautiful life stories. 

Create Roadmaps to Get Started

The Alien Adventure App
Want to be a Chief Exploration Officer? We do! This playful and wild idea aims to gamify the mentor experience.

Mentoring as a High School and College Elective
Shifting existing structure of school based volunteerism could bring awareness to mentoring as a distinct opportunity area for high schoolers.

America's Best Mentor  
The idea of a national competition brings a an interesting spotlight approach, thinking beyond connecting organisations and people.

Capture the Value of Mentorship  

The 'T' Team
"T" stands for many things including a thoughtful look at branding for this idea. 

Teach or Skip
An interesting exploration of an incentive-based marketplace for mentoring.

Twist What Exists

Reverse Summer School
Leveraging empty classrooms for senior tech education – awesome twist of existing structure and space!

Makers Can Be Mentors 
Bringing veterans into maker spaces – imagine the cross collaborative possibilities! 

AmeriCorps and Peace Corps
Building mentoring into programs that have historically magnified the impact of passionate young people.

Fitness Mentoring
A unique idea exploring how we might quite literally connect in an active way. 

Imagine a Unifying Network 

Virtual Buddies
Feels ripe for prototyping! We can't wait to see this idea get tangible. 

Mentorship Networks
A deep dive into flushing through the details of imagining a unifying network of youth mentors. 

Let's keep up the awesome enthusiasm, innovative builds and fresh thinking – see you in the Ideas phase!
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