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Workplace Wellness Challenge: Reflections from Bupa

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Beth Worrall
Our Workplace Wellness Concepting phase is cruising along as community members from around the world share their thoughts, experiences and concepts. To expand the conversation we checked in with Beth Worrall, Senior Sustainability Manager at Bupa – a leading international healthcare group that provides care homes, hospitals and health insurance to over 11 million customers worldwide.
To start, Beth explained why workplace wellness is important to not just Bupa’s direct clients, but their families, friends and the whole world:
Bupa has, for a long time, worked with companies to improve the health of their workforce. As you might imagine, we are also dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our own people.  But this OpenIDEO challenge is allowing us to explore how it might be possible to “ripple” the effect of workplace health broader – not just to employees but to their families, friends and communities. As a social purpose company, this challenge is absolutely at the core of our purpose: longer, healthier, happier lives.
Beth also reflected on  transitioning from the Inspiration to Concepting phase:
Though my role is global, I am currently based in Australia. So, armed with coffee (and lots of it) I participated in our first milestone workshop on Monday night. I must say, it was a bit strange kicking off a workshop at 9pm but the conversation was dynamic and completely enjoyable. Our conversation spanned three time-zones as a group of my colleagues in London, Manchester and Madrid shared and reflected on all the wonderful inspirations that had been shared by the OpenIDEO community in our challenge so far.
During the meeting we discussed everyone's favourite inspirations so far. For me, choosing a favourite inspiration was hard but I loved hearing about other people’s choices. Almost without exception, we had all chosen different inspirations for different but equally compelling reasons. Perhaps this accurately reflects health and healthcare interventions – one size definitely does not fit all.
To move the conversation on, the OpenIDEO team had developed an initial clustering of the 'themes' by looking at what has emerged so far. This was an incredibly helpful starting point for our conversation as there were so many different ideas it had been difficult to know where to start!
We then explored what these themes might mean in terms of opportunities for innovation in the future to improve the health wellness of communities. We even brainstormed some concepts that we'll be adding over the coming days.
I really couldn’t be more excited as we move on to our Concepting phase. I cannot wait to see all of the diverse concepts people share on this community. I am blown away by the generosity of people coming together to create a solution in this way and I am certain that what we collectively develop will be fantastic. Because after all, as the saying goes, 40,000 heads are better than one.
Thanks for your thoughts Beth! Now it's time to head over to Concepting to chime in with your thoughts and insights.


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