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Women's Safety Tips for Refinement

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Over the last several weeks OpenIDEO’s global community has contributed a diverse and innovative spectrum of solutions centered around empowering women and girls in low-income urban areas. With an astounding 585 ideas collaboratively shared, we are on our way to some truly exciting and inspiring solutions.

As the Ideas phase wrapped, the Amplify Team ran a workshop to narrow down which ideas were answering the challenge questions. We explored how well ideas dove into challenge criteria and took into account feedback from the community in the Applause phase. After several thoughtful sessions, we have selected a number of promising ideas that we feel have the potential to make a powerful impact for women and girls and we are very excited to watch them continue to grow in the Refinement phase. 

Now it’s time to refine and clarify the ideas that have moved through to the Refinement list and we believe in getting the entire community involved in the conversation. Take a look at how everyone can make a difference as we inch towards impact: 



  • Does the idea address a specific need for women and girls?
  • Does the idea make life safer for women and girls? 
  • Does the idea make their urban context more empowering?
  • Does the idea lead to solutions specific to the urban context?
  • Can the idea be replicated/scaled in other locations?


The Refinement phase is an opportunity to clarify remaining questions around an idea – the more clear, visual and in-depth we go, the easier the idea will be to implement in the real world. As we use these final weeks to develop out our ideas, let’s focus on the following goals:

  • Let’s make it clear – describe the need you’re trying to solve
  • Let’s understand the user’s perspective – use tools like the User Experience Map
  • Let’s talk about implementation – explore roadmap, timeline and resources/partnerships
  • Incorporate feedback and continue to develop the idea.

Head over to the Tools for Refinement page to find examples and useful tools to achive these goals.


There are many ways to play a role in the Refinement phase. OpenIDEO is rich with designers, social entrepreneurs, and other professionals with a vast knowledge base. Whether it’s your idea in need of these skills or you have skills to offer, let’s take this opportunity to open a dialogue and embrace the collaborative nature of the platform. Take the time to ask questions that might provide clarification for your idea. And remember, anyone can prototype or brainstorm around ideas in your own community if you think women and girls in your neighborhood might benefit from implementation of an idea – we’d love it if you’d share these results and insights to help further the idea’s development. 

We also love when the community continues to explore ideas even when a challenge or phase is over. Impact is an ongoing effort – and one that we are always tracking – so if you love your idea and want to continue to engage in it within your community, please keep us in the loop!



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So with that it’s time to dig in! Let's head on over to the Refinement phase and make these ideas the best they can be.


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Women's Safety Challenge


Join the conversation:

Photo of Patrick Anucha

Thanks to the vision of and collaboration of openideo team. It is rightly appreciated that the idea stage drew in many ideas from thinkers and social entrepreneurs. The selection of the 53 ideas to the refinement stage is right but good effort and selection criteria adopted could be such that gives proper spread and participation to countries mostly in need and have been identified as potential flash points or target areas for the need e.g. Nigeria. In the selection process, Nigeria is grossly neglected as only one idea was selected from the community to the refinement stage by the selection team. The understanding of social and economic need of persons and people varies from country to country and has connation and impacts of cultural norms and beliefs of the people and culture of the country. As in Nigeria the prevalent problem is lack of education and skills, organized market, etc which has left many of the girls and women unsafe and exposed to hazardous jobs. The case in Asia countries especially India is different as we learnt from contributors as their country issues are evolved in sexual attacks, harassment and assault while on roads, market places, bus stops, etc. You will find that based on real understudy, events and statistics of Nigerian phenomena Nigerian contributors centered on economic, social and educational empowerment ideas and projects, which defines the immediate needs of Nigerian women and girls. Such are the projects that can collaborate to strengthen and helps to increase the potential for impact as sought by UKaid and Amplify in the Openideo challenge on Women safety. The ideas are based on innovative spectrum of solutions centered on empowering women and girls in low-income urban areas such like these: I am sure your team made an oversight of Nigeria prevalent problems. The current issue of abduction of over 273 girls in Chibok , Borno State of Nigeria is an issue at stake. I am emphatic that the Nigerian representation in the selected ideas in this challenge is not commendable. We are really concerned at issues and idea with promising and have the potential to make a powerful impact and communicate to the current challenge of women and girls in our society and country and which can be excited watched to continue to grow and are sustainable and not on funs. The openideo current challenge on women safety is not meant for fun but to create economic and social impact as has been stated as criteria in the refinement statements as follows: "Does the idea address a specific need for women and girls? Does the idea make life safer for women and girls? Does the idea make their urban context more empowering? Does the idea lead to solutions specific to the urban context? Can the idea be replicated/scaled in other locations?" Therefore, the timely inclusion of ideas from the Nigerian community, which addresses these needs, shall in no doubt provide solution to Nigerian context in openideo current challenge .

Photo of Luisa Fernanda

Patrick, Thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback. A diverse geographic representation was considered while we selected ideas to move onto refinement. However, this was not the only decisive factor. The criteria you described above was also taken into consideration while selecting specific ideas. We are very excited to see you engage in the Refinement phase of this challenge and start to collaborate with Ideas that are part of the Refinement list. This is a great way to keep on raising awareness about the current needs in your community and keep to work on ways to address them. We encourage you to use the OpenIDEO platform to keep on refining your idea and building on those you find interesting and relevant,