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Women's Safety Challenge: Tips for Ideas

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We’re just six weeks in to our Women’s Safety Challenge and what a rich, thoughtful and inspiring effort it’s been so far. Since mid-February, folks from 156 countries have joined our conversation in the Research phase and shared insights, stories and examples to help us better understand the context and challenges around safety for women and girls.

In preparation for the Ideas phase, the Amplify Team recently came together for a day-long synthesis workshop. Our goal was to reflect on the patterns and themes surfaced by the community during Research and gather insights around the collective contributions so far. We were incredibly inspired by the depth of the community’s research and the diversity of perspectives we have seen in this first phase – including more interviews and offsite Meetups than we’ve seen in any previous challenge.

Hundreds of Post-its later, the team took everything we learned from the Research phase and identified Opportunity Areas and Design Principles to help get you started. 

We encourage you to consider these Opportunity Areas as a focus for idea building:

  1. Avoiding and Reacting to Danger in the Moment
    What tools, information or reporting mechanisms can women use to respond in real-time to potentially dangerous situations?​ 
  2. Improving Urban Spaces through Community-Driven Initiatives
    How can individuals and organisations make their own cities safer through community-instigated solutions that improve urban spaces and transportation?
  3. Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment and Self-Confidence
    What kinds of training programs will help women and girls in urban areas cultivate their own self-confidence and promote economic empowerment?
  4. Challenging Gender Norms and Expectations
    How can parents, educators, men and boys be engaged in creating an enabling environment for women and girls?
  5. Leveraging Support Networks, Locally and Globally
    How can we design solutions that forge or strengthen connections and information sharing between women?
  6. Driving Institutional Change Through Collective Action
    What actions and activities can individual urban communities initiate to influence policy change, increased enforcement and better service provision that will make cities safer for women and girls?

Read more about these Opportunity Areas.

In addition, we hope you’ll consider these Design Principles as a guiding framework for your ideas:

  1. Let’s design with (not for) women and girls. 
    What networks, organisations or connections might we tap into to ensure as many voices as possible are incorporated into our design efforts?
  2. Let’s design ideas that are context appropriate.
    How can we ensure that the solutions we design are appropriate for the technology and tools end users have available to them?

  3. Let’s be culturally sensitive.
    How can we frame our ideas in a way that encourages success and promotes behavior change, without being offensive to any particular culture?

  4. Let’s find ways to easily prototype our ideas.
    One of the best ways to strengthen our ideas is to ask questions and test assumptions.

  5. Let’s remember the big picture.
    How can we consider the various players, systems and institutions that influence the needs we are trying to solve through our ideas?
  6. Let’s keep in mind our diverse and global community.
    How can we use visuals and clear, simple language to convey the meaning of our ideas so that they can be understood by everyone?

Read more about these Design Principles.

What fresh ideas do these opportunity areas and design principles ignite for you? 

As we move forward into the Ideas phase, let’s keep our momentum going: join a local Meetup to design ideas with friends, or download our Brainstorm in a Box and host your own. Also, keep in mind that ours is an iterative process and testing ideas in the real-world is a great way build instant insight. What elements of your idea can easily and quickly be tested with women and girls near you? To support our prototyping efforts, Cansu – our Community Prototyper and one of three Community Volunteers in this challenge – will be offering lots of great tips and tricks while she prototypes a few ideas from the challenge.

We’re excited to see what comes next in the Ideas phase! Hope to see you there.
The OpenIDEO Team

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Women's Safety Challenge


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Good initiative towards women's safety and empowerment, your ideas may bring changes to society and hopefully it will change the mindset of people on that globe who treat women as a objects. When we speak about women safety ,it is not only men's responsibility it's a women too,to make sure that she is safe when roam out side she should carry some of the safety devices which help her to protect herself from an unexpected danger or behaviour. I have a name in my mind safetykart , who sells such product which will help a women ,girl or anyone who need in such condition even men can also carry such equipment to protect theirself as they are not superman.

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