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Women's Safety Challenge Community Champion Update #5

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Karolle Rabarison is our current volunteer Challenge Community Champion. You'll see her popping up across the Women's Safety Challenge with handy tips and words of encouragement – and posting community updates here like a true champion!

Is anyone else simply blown away by the contributions during the Research phase? All 788 of them, I might add. It was a lively five weeks in the OpenIDEO community as we interviewed experts and community members, discovered organizations working hard to improve women’s safety, and shared stories of our own experiences navigating low-income urban areas.

Check out my previous posts ( 1, 2, 3, 4) if you’re just now joining us and need to play catch up. But fair warning: Those posts highlight only a smidgen of the hundreds of insights the community put forth.

Photo credit: Karolle Rabarison

On to the next order of business: Welcome to the Ideas phase!

The Ideas phase is where we build upon the insights and inspiration from the Research phase to create our own solutions for making low-income urban areas safer and more empowering for women and girls. The first step, of course, is brainstorming – thinking of and collecting any and all ideas that come to mind, no matter how simple or complex or downright wild.

For those new to the Ideas phase – or even for you old-timers who could use a few pointers to dust off the rust – I’ve gathered here a few resources to kick start your brainstorming.

OpenSTORM: Brainstorming + OpenIDEO = OpenSTORM, an offline gathering wherein 3-7 people collaborate to brainstorm creative solutions then share the fruits of their efforts with the online community. Get the lowdown on how to host one of these events here and grab the brainstorming toolkit for the Women’s Safety Challenge here. 

Fast idea generator: I love the fast idea generator because it’s all about stretching our thinking muscles and finding a different perspective, and helps us open up to a lot of creative and innovative ideas. This exercise would be great as a warm up during an OpenSTORM.

Causes diagram: The diversity of topics we covered during the Research phase – from urban planning to menstrual hygiene management to Bollywood – goes to show not only how complex the issue of women’s safety is, but also how numerous the opportunities for a solution. The causes diagram is a simple tool that will help to clarify your thinking around the core issue, separate symptoms from effects, and prioritize where to focus your efforts.

Target group worksheet: Whom are we working with? What are their needs? How do we reach them? These are a few of the prompts from the target group tool. The challenge brief narrows our focus to women and girls in low-income urban areas, yet within that demographic are multiple sub-groups and sub-sub-groups.  Defining the target group will guide our thinking as we amass our initial ideas.

Note that most of the above tools were handpicked from Nesta’s newly released DIY toolkit, which I have been really excited to dig through the past week.

Do you know of other toolkits that might be useful to the OpenIDEO community as we dive into the Ideas phase? What are some of your own tricks for creative brainstorming?

Please share below!
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