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Women's Safety Challenge – Answering Your Burning Questions for Refinement

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As part of Amplify’s continuing initiative to support the community for the Women’s Safety Challenge, we offered Office Hours, a one hour video conference, to connect experienced designers with community members. Danny Alexander and John Won sat down to answer community-submitted questions around the challenges faced during the Refinement phase. They used their human-centered design knowledge to provide support around setting up prototypes and scoping ideas for implementation.

In addition to answering specific questions on gathering user feedback and thinking about implementation, we had two main learnings from the session:

1. Implementation is all about experimentation! Danny and John define this process as a way to continuously research and learn the best way to tackle users’ needs. John offers a provocation: 

“How do you start to test an idea in a specific way? We encourage people to go from small to big experiments in this process. For example, I start carrying out experiment A, B and C to see if different parts of my idea work. I find out that A and C work, but not B. Then I do a bigger experiment, a pilot. In the pilot we try A, C plus D. The implementation process is how we see what works, filter our learnings and apply them moving forward.”

2. Many people asked for clarity around what implementation looks like. In a grant-writing process, there are very specific questions about a project – What is the annual budget? What is the timeline broken down by week? – But on OpenIDEO we believe that implementation will look very different for each final idea and that’s why our questions are open-ended. In the Refinement phase, we want to understand what you plan to learn over the next 12-18 months as an idea develops through its next steps. Let's continue to think through users' needs and what steps you will take to address them. By doing this, our community will have a much better sense of how ideas will be implemented.

Still have questions? Check out the video for in-depth answers to community members’ questions on ideas in Refinement. 


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