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OpenIDEO Teams: The Lowdown

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Collaboration is the name of the game on OpenIDEO. To acknowledge the online nature of this co-operation, we developed the idea of Teams. You can select your Team after you've posted your concept to our Ideas phase by scrolling to the bottom of your post and hitting the Manage Teams button. You can also add people to your Team once they've commented, using a button below their post. You may continue to add Team members as your idea evolves over time. It's a great chance to recognize that good ideas are collectively formed and iterated on OpenIDEO and get some extra Collaboration DQ points along the way.
Here's some great reasons for adding folks that you've collaborated with online or in-person to your Team:
Acknowledging Inspirers
Why not give recognition to folks whose posts and conversations from the Research phase have helped shape your idea? Or maybe you've built upon someone else's concept from the Ideas phase? Give 'em a shout out by adding them to your Team.
Recognising Collaborative Conversations
Keen to give a nod to those who are commenting on your new idea in ways which are helping you evolve it? Or high five folks you've brainstormed with to come up with or refine your idea? If you were all part of an in-person  OpenSTORM or OpenIDEO Meetup – add them to your Team to show off your collaborative moves.
In-depth Collaboration [Update]
In July 2014, we added the ability for all team memebers to receive email notifications of any comments posted to an idea. This has created a way for conversations and collaboration to flourish. You can adjust your email notification settings on your OpenIEO profile – though we recommend you don't turn them off entirely so that you can all be informed on the latest developments and join in to make them even more awesome. 
It's really up to you who you add. When you include someone to your Team, they'll get an email notification – so they're more likely to come back and join in conversations on the great idea you've got going. You can even let everyone know why you've added your selected collaborators:
You might also decide to take your Team a step further. Check out Glassdoor where two collaborators got in contact beyond OpenIDEO and one of them provided rocking visuals for the other's concept. If you're keen to collaborate using tools like Skype, Yammer, Google Drive, Hangouts, Dropbox, email, chat, etc to support the furthering of your idea – go for it! Just be sure to update your post with the latest developments to share the goodness of your team efforts with our OpenIDEO community. And check out this stellar example of what happens when OpenIDEO collaborators join forces to transform ideas into action and make real world impact.
Give Teams on OpenIDEO a try –  because creativity loves company 
and we design better, together.
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