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Synthesising the Maternal Health Challenge

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Firstly, the IDEO, OXFAM and NOKIA team would like to thank you, the OpenIDEO community, for the great inspirations so far in our Maternal Health challenge. Synthesising them down to just 6 themes wasn’t easy, but we had lots of fun doing it.

The synthesis team consisted of Ian (Oxfam), Haiyan (IDEO), Gregory (dialing in via Skype from Nokia) and James (an IDEOer who's been quite active in the challenge). Our global community managers, Meena and Ashley also contributed their thoughts on what themes resonated strongly with the community.


The team spent several hours last week looking through all the inspirations and clustering them into key themes for our Concepting phase.


Themes are thought-starters to brainstorming. We use themes in our design work to identify areas where innovation can happen and conduct brainstorms around these.


There were of course lots of themes and patterns emerging out of the 285 inspirations, we narrowed these down to 6 as a way to guide the concepting in the direction that we thought would be most relevant for the challenge.


The themes are:

Local Healthcare
Dad Outreach
Knowledge Hubs & Education
Personal Tracking & Diagnostics


Please visit the Concepting phase to read through them in detail. Each one also comes with a few provocative questions to get your creative juices flowing.


Over the next few weeks we’re looking forward to all the great ideas that could contribute towards solving maternal health issues. Think of it as a live, vibrant, online brainstorm!


We’d also like to introduce tools such as ‘brainstorm in a box’, so you can conduct in-person brainstorms in your office or with like-minded OpenIDEATORS.


If you would like to promote this challenge in your office, feel free to print out this poster and put it up somewhere people will see it.


Thanks again!

The Maternal Health Team










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Maternal Health Challenge


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