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Renewable Energy Challenge: Welcome to the Ideas Phase

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With over 400 challenge followers, nearly 1,500 comments and almost 2,000 applause in the Research phase, our Renewable Energy Challenge is already proving to be an exciting global call to action. We’ve been blown away by the stories, interviews, examples and articles related to how communities might lead the rapid transition to renewable energy.

In preparation for the Ideas phase, the OpenIDEO Team, The 11th Hour Project and our advisory panel sat down to gather insights around all of the rich contributions from the Research phase. Together we identified emerging patterns and themes that clearly resonated with the community, driving action and momentum around renewable energy. The emerging themes from Research – which we call Opportunity Areas in the Ideas phase – will play a role throughout the challenge. As we turn our attention to the Ideas phase, keep in mind we can always turn back to Research for inspiration and success stories. But for now, check out our Opportunity Areas and if an idea comes to mind – don’t hesitate! Get it posted right away.

(Remember, these Opportunity Areas all fall under our larger challenge question: “How might communities lead the rapid transition to renewable energy?”)


The way we communicate energy information is a critical component of the energy decisions we make. Let’s find creative ways to display and interact with energy that lead to increased use of renewable energy resources. Add your idea


Existing technologies undeniably affect our access and understanding of renewable energy. Leveraging these innovations in a cost-competitive way could change the landscape of renewables as we know it. Add your idea


Fresh thinking around the way we pay for, produce and consume energy will incentivize uptake of renewable energy. Add your idea


New collaborations within communities can open up unforeseen energy possibilities. Let’s get creative around how we bring key community players together. Add your idea


Many exciting and successful renewable energy efforts are already making a positive impact in communities. Replicating and adapting these approaches is a powerful way to rapidly transition to renewables. Add your idea

Now's the time to put our collective insights into motion. Check out the Brainstorm in a Box to start thinking creatively around one of the Opportunity Areas. Or try mapping out your end user's journey. Looking for a group perspective? Join a meetup near you and dive into some fresh conversation. And keep an eye out for another blog post that will highlight the evaluation criteria we’ll be using to identify ideas with the strongest focus on renewables and largest potential for impact.

What new ideas do these Opportunity Areas spark for you? Share them with us!

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Renewable Energy Challenge


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