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Refugee Education Weekly Highlights – April 10, 2015

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Over the course of the Refugee Education Challenge, we'll be featuring highlights of contributions from each of our themed mission areas. Let's take a look at the education initiatives and innovations that have been inspiring our global community this week!

Mission 1: Teaching Approaches

Transforming Refugees into Storytellers – The We Love Reading initiative in Jordan is training adults from the Za'atari refugee camp to become storytellers for children in their neighborhoods.

Mission 2:  Learning Spaces

Learning with TED in a Box – TEDxKids uses's mobile toolkit to organize pop-up learning experiences for refugee children in the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mission 3: Adult Education

Sughar Empowerment Society – A traditional skills center for embroidery in Pakistan empowers local women with supplemental education and entrepreneurial resources.

Mission 4: Skill Exchange

Indonesia's Mengajar (Indonesia Teaches) – A community education movement that trains and recruits young graduates to share big-city skills with Indonesia's rural villages.

Mission 5: Student Wellbeing

Addressing Mental Challenges – Let's consider how we can give children emotional first aid exercises to help them cope with the trauma of being displaced from their homes

Mission 6: What's Missing?

Scholarship Opportunity in Kakuma – Our Community Champion shares the challenge of limited scholarship opportunities for high school graduates in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Amplify Community Champions

Meet our Community Champions currently living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Established in 1992, Kakuma hosts over 180,000 refugees of many nationalities. Throughout the Refugee Education Challenge they will be sharing interviews with Kakuma community members, holding workshops for residents to share their experiences, and develop and prototype ideas. Meet Vestine UmubyeyiHassan Bashir, Fartun Abass and Daniel Christian.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing refugee education in your community?

  1. Poor quality of education: students are not learning from the education that is being provided.

  2. Limited educational opportunities:  there are not enough opportunities to learn or advance into higher education.

  3. Financial restrictions: School fees make it difficult for parents to afford schooling for their children.

  4. Overcrowding: There are not enough schools so classrooms are stuffed with too many students.

  5. Language barriers: Camp members are from a variety of nations making it hard to choose a language of instruction that works for everyone. 

What do you hope to learn from others on OpenIDEO about education? 

  • Hassan: I wish to have a better understanding by collecting ideas and stories from the community and put it forward without objecting someone’s perception.

  • Daniel:  I hope to learn how innovation and human-centered design should be at the core value of possible solution for educational needs in Kakuma refugee camp. Moreover, I would like to learn from others on OpenIDEO: how can we increase passion for education in refugee in kakuma as to help them perform well in their studies? Will education make refugees suitable candidates for their social development?

Our Community Champions would love to know about how people in your community have solved similar problems like these. It's the last week of the Research phase – so lets work together to find all the education innovations that we can. Join the challenge to improve education and expand learning opportunities for refugees around the world!  

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we will make all the efforts to reach in our community in all corners of the camp for them to give as their stories to improve our education challenges in kakuma refugee camp.

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