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Refugee Education Ideas Phase Missions

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In the Ideas phase of the Refugee Education Challenge, we'll be designing solutions around five missions. Each mission represents a key opportunity area we discovered through our research.

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Supporting Teaching and Learning   

How might we support teachers to overcome the unique challenges of teaching in a refugee context? 

Teachers in refugee communities are often confronted by large class sizes (sometimes hundreds of students), students with varying language abilities, ages and educational backgrounds, and a lack of basic resources (textbooks, school supplies and access to training). How can we support the ability of children to learn and provide teachers with training, community support and resources to help them facilitate learning in the classroom? 

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Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship

How might we equip refugees with the skills to access economic activities that sustain their families?

Work allows refugees to pay for the food, shelter and education that sustains their families, yet many existing vocational training programs do not lead to opportunities for employment. In the informal sector where many refugees must work, success requires both entrepreneurial and technical skills. For some, basic numeracy and literacy skills must be upgraded first. How might vocational training be matched to existing market opportunities – and how can we prepare refugees to take advantage of these opportunities? 

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Informal Knowledge Exchange

How might we empower adults and children to exchange skills?

Everyone has knowledge and skills that they can share with others. However, in informal settings, where and how to share this information may be unclear. How can we unlock the potential of people and their communities to serve as resources for each other? How might community structures or gatherings be transformed into opportunities to exchange skills? 

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Overcoming Trauma

How might we incorporate well-being and overcoming trauma into educational experiences?

Refugees moving to a new country after being forced to leave home because of conflict are faced with many immediate challenges, including how to meet basic needs. However, as refugees face these obstacles, they also have to deal with the psychological needs generated by their experience. How might educational experiences help refugees overcome trauma and promote well-being? 

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Transforming School Environments

How might we create school buildings and other facilities that align with the daily realities of life as a refugee?

Schools that serve refugees need to be able to respond to many unique demands, for example: rapid influxes of students, harsh climates and family obligations that require children to work both inside and outside of the home. Recognizing the resource constraints of the refugee context, how can the location and structure of schools be re envisioned to account for the daily reality of refugees? 

See you in the challenge! 

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