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ReFresh 10: Healthy Lives Challenge Highlights – Let's Get Visual

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Image Contribution: Matt Kerns, Introducing...VeggieHeroes!

Some ideas are hard to describe with words alone - especially the thought starters that are still in the early stages of development. That’s why we’ve been inspired by the level of visual clarity that our OpenIDEO community have been using to flesh out their innovative ideas in the Healthy Lives Challenge so far. Whether it's a polished diagram, an animated video or a quick napkin sketch, visualizations can help us engage user feedback by making our ideas more accessible to a wider audience. Let’s take a look at the variety of visual tools that our OpenIDEO community have been using to convey and test out their ideas on the platform.

Ideating with Visuals

Sketch It Out – You don’t have to be a trained artist to create compelling drawings that convey the goodness of your idea. Rough sketches can be used to translate floating thoughts into something that’s more tangible. Check out how Stephen and Giannicola Baiardi used quick sketches to communicate their ideas: Scanning Menu and Veganizeit.

Create Diagrams – As our ideas start to grow, it’s helpful to visualize how different components will fit together. Creating a diagram of your idea is a fantastic way of making complex relationships simpler. In Personalized Healthy Shopping List and Customized Wearables, both Laura Boardman and Kyaw Tun Sein created diagrams to connect the moving parts in their concepts.

Use Experience Maps – On the OpenIDEO platform, we’re particularly keen on using this human-centered tool to visualize what the end-to-end experience might feel like for users over time. Check out how Jenn Franco used this method of visual storytelling to break her In-Food Motion app idea into relatable step-by-step scenarios.

Mock-Up Wireframes – Given that a significant number of contributions are focused on the use of technology and media, it’s helpful to mock-up what users will see when they interact with your ideas on the screen. In the Community Motivator, Kate Rushton made use of a wireframe mockup to explain how people may use her app idea to reach monthly health goals.

Tell Stories with Videos – Making a quick video is a compelling way to capture the attention of your targeted - especially when your idea involves experiences that are difficult to express on a static page. Check out how Matt Kerns and his team brought their brand of VeggieHeroes! characters to life with an iPhone, legos, and some activated household vegetables.

Let's Look Ahead

In the upcoming weeks, we’d love to have our global OpenIDEO community continue to communicate and test out their ideas in a highly visual way. More importantly, we’re excited to see how these visual mockups will be used as prototyping tools to collect user feedback for the next round of iterations. For some additional visualization tips, check out these great resources and toolkits: Experience Map, Draw It, Get Visual. In the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to seeing your innovative ideas on the challenge boards. Join the Ideas Phase of the Healthy Lives Challenge today!

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