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ReFresh 08: Healthy Lives Challenge Highlights – Human-Centered Technology Insights

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We've been absolutely inspired by the quality of research contributions in the Healthy Lives Challenge so far! Let's take a moment to examine what insights we’ve uncovered, and how those insights might spark technology-centered solutions in the Ideas Phase.

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During the Research Phase, our OpenIDEO community highlighted a variety of hidden social motivators, cultural practices, and unique needs surrounding the topic of healthy lives. In going into the Ideas Phase, we’re excited to see technological innovations that will build on the human-centered insights that we’ve uncovered. That’s why we’ve appreciated OpenIDEO member Daniele Fiorucci’s reference to technology as a “social enabler to healthier lives” in his research contribution, A Tomato has a Value also Outside a Cheeseburger. The term “social enabler” is a great way to describe the human-centered use of technologies that we’ll be looking forward to developing in the Ideas Phase. Let’s take a look at some of the provocations for technological innovation that our community has shared.  

Community Insights

It’s Not Just about the Food – Emily Lozano

There are many non-physical human factors that affect what and how we eat. How might we develop health-tech applications that are responsive to the psychological and emotional needs of users?

Harness the Power of Storytelling – Andrea Grayson

Positive messaging in radio and television dramas have proven to inspire behavior change within entire communities. How might we harness the power of storytelling in mainstream media to inspire healthier lifestyles on a large scale?

Reframing the Decision Point – David

People with busy schedules often experience decision fatigue when it comes to making healthy choices. How might we use technology to help busy people make healthy decisions that are more intuitive and less time consuming on a daily basis?

Own Your ‘Home’ Culture – Alison McDougall-Weil

Healthy meals that are authentic to our families’ cultural histories can help strengthen our love for wholesome foods. How might we leverage technology to connect people’s affinity for healthy foods with their love for cultural traditions?

Using Sports to Build Health Support Systems – Joe Silva

Staying fit is easier when we have support from teammates as we train together to reach a common goal. How might we leverage technology to help people find and exercise with sports teams within their local communities?

Community Voices

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Caio de Matos currently works with Open Innovation at Natura in Mauá, Brazil. During the Research Phase, Caio inspired a lively community discussion with the insightful provocations that he shared in his post on Gamification. Let’s take a look at what has been inspiring Caio in the Healthy Lives Challenge, and how he might build on these early insights in the upcoming Ideas Phase.  

What are some compelling insights that you've gained from the research contributions so far?

From what I've read so far, it seems to me that the key to solving the problem is related to people's perceptions on the theme. It has to do with people's perception on the importance of eating healthy, the value of food, and the difficulty of exercising regularly. It has also been great to learn how those perceptions are different for people in different places and/or with different cultures and habits.

How might you start to develop those early insights into opportunities for upcoming the Ideas Phase?

There has been a lot of discussion centered on how to make healthy living more fun and less difficult. In my opinion, getting people more easily engaged with healthy living will certainly make it easier. Some actions like gamifying dietary, exercising habits, raising awareness, and building relationships with where foods come from may help that process.

Let's Look Ahead

As we dive into the brainstorming process, let’s keep our focus on the role of technologies in the development of our ideas. More specifically, let’s be keen on how our technological innovations will build upon the human-centered insights and needs that we’ve discovered. To get our creative juices flowing, check out these helpful resources on the Ideation process: Brainstorming Better, Mash-Ups, Create a Concept. Looking forward to the innovative ideas that will begin to emerge on the challenge boards in the upcoming weeks!

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