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ReFresh 07: Healthy Lives Challenge Highlights – Story Shares

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It's been a fantastic two weeks since the beginning of our Healthy Lives Challenge. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the human-centered stories that have been inspiring us in the Research Phase so far!

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A significant part of the Research Phase is focused on putting ourselves in the shoes of the people that we’re designing for. By empathizing with people's experiences, we’ll be able to extract insights that can create opportunities for human-centered ideas to happen. That’s why we’re excited to learn from the diversity of personal reflections, narratives, and first-hand interviews that our global community has to share on the topic of Healthy Lives. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful insights and points of views that we’ve come across in the Story Share mission of the Research Phase.

Community Story Shares

Time Poor + Creativity = Nutritionally Wealthy – Annie

Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We were delighted to hear how Annie had turned a setback into an opportunity when her malfunctioning home kitchen spurred her to come up with alternative ways of making quick healthy meals.

Healthy Competitions – Em Havens

Sharing our fitness habits with family is a great way to maintain healthy lifestyles. We've been inspired to hear how Em and her mother used the Fitbit tracker to share daily step counts and motivate each other to exercise from miles apart.

Daily Food Journal – Nancy ElHelbawi

Writing down what we eat can help us become more mindful about nutrition. It was wonderful to hear how Nancy gradually became more aware of healthy food choices after she adopted the habit of recording each meal in a daily food journal.

Co-Operative Cooking on a College Campus – Marina Kaneko

Co-operative dining is a great way to eat healthy as a community. In a recent contribution, Marina shared her experiences as a part of a University Food Co-op where fellow students bonded over sharing locally grown home cooked meals.

Go Back to the Roots! – Avani

There are unique healthy practices within every culture. Reflecting back on childhood experiences, Avani shared with us the importance of preserving and passing on the healthy traditions we all grew up with.

Community Voices

Juliane Caillouette Noble is a School Programs Manager at the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in London. We’ve really appreciated her insightful contributions and engagement in the Research Phase so far. Let’s take a look at what’s been inspiring Juliane in the Healthy Lives Challenge, and how she might build on these early insights in the upcoming Ideas Phase.  

What are some compelling insights that you've gained from the research contributions so far?

In reading the research contributions so far, I am drawn to two emerging themes. The first is that schools provide a unique range of opportunities to engage all young people in leading healthier lives. The second is that considering the human experience rather than just diet and exercise alone, is linked to improved health outcomes.

How might you start to develop these early insights into opportunities for upcoming the Ideas Phase?

I am excited to look at how we might connect the dots between some of the points people have made throughout the research phase to find opportunities for ideas. For example, how can technology play a role in linking the ideas around  food growing, food deserts, and reward cards to help schools become a positive environment for health? Or at the same time looking at the examples of the social robot, Bluezones USA and doctor/patient facetime: how might technology be used to facilitate relationships or communities that generate and support healthy behaviour?

Let's Look Ahead

In the upcoming weeks, we’d love to engage with more real life experiences in the Story Share mission of the Healthy Lives Challenge. In addition to personal reflections and narratives, we’d also love for our global community to take a deep dive into empathy by discovering what inspires other people to lead healthier lives. Let's take a look at our Interview Toolkit for inspirations on how to get started. We’ll look forward to more insights from our community stories in the following weeks!

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