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ReFresh 06: Financial Empowerment Challenge Highlights – Learning from Feedback

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As we move into the Refinement Phase of the Financial Empowerment Challenge, let’s take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing collaborations that have been taking place within our OpenIDEO community!

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Image Contribution: Ryan's History Classes' Design Thinking Workshop

On the OpenIDEO platform, we get excited when we see rapid feedback loops form between fellow collaborators as they work closely together to test out the assumptions of an idea. The faster we learn from user feedback, the faster we’ll refine our ideas into human-centered solutions that our target audience will adopt. That’s why we’ve been thrilled to see the real-time feedback that Ryan’s History Classes have been sharing with several of our youth-centered concepts on the challenge boards.

Community Feedback Loop

Since the beginning of the Financial Empowerment Challenge, Coach Ryan has been encouraging his high school students in Atlanta, Georgia to engage with what has been happening on the OpenIDEO platform. During the Ideas Phase, Ryan’s 9th and 10th-grade classes shared personal reflections via Vimeo videos to support to the development of Tori Adele Signorelli’s A Grassroots Youth Campaign and Ludwig Gerdes’s Parents To Children. Starting responses with I like, I wish, and I wonder, Coach Ryan’s students exchanged thoughts on what resonated with them and what they wished to see in the next iteration of the ideas. Let’s take a look at one of insightful feedback reels that Ryan’s History Classes have shared with us. 

Community Voices

This week, we also wanted to highlight several OpenIDEO members who have been fantastic collaborators in the Financial Empowerment Challenge. In addition to developing their ideas, Nicole Stempak, Kristiaan Gumley, and Ibrahim AlSuwaidi have been actively helping others succeed on the platform. Let’s take a take a look at some of the insightful feedback that our featured collaborators have shared with their fellow community members.

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"Benjamin, what I like about your idea is how it brings together entities that already exist and restructures them so neighbors help neighbors. If you want to focus on individuals, you might look at the way Kickstarter, Indiegogo and flash mobs rally people online. It would be especially important to have an online network when it comes to re-investing funds." – Nicole’s feedback for Community Endowments

"Hey Jes, great Idea. It can be really difficult to understand what the small print means! The app idea is great; an add on to consider would be showing people other ways they could finance a purchase other than a loan (I see the app will integrate with budgeting apps). If the app could say 'You can purchase the car in 10 weeks if you do X,' it might be beneficial." – Kristiaan’s feedback for The Small Print

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"I was thinking you might be able to build on existing online platforms. Mint, for example, lets you set and track various financial goals. What if Mint offered to partner you with someone anonymously with similar goals? You'd each be able to view non-identifying information about each other, including progress towards achieving your goals, and send each other messages." – Ibrahim’s feedback for Financial Buddy System

Let's Look Ahead

The Refinement Phase will be a valuable opportunity for our OpenIDEO community to collaboratively strengthen each others’ ideas. For some helpful refinement tips, check out these great Methods from’s Design Kit: Keep Iterating, Keep Getting Feedback, Pilot. We’ll look forward to see how our global collaborators will work together to bring their ideas closer to Impact in the upcoming weeks!

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