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ReFresh 04: Financial Empowerment Challenge Highlights – Build On Thought Starters

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It's been a fantastic second week in the Ideas Phase of the Financial Empowerment Challenge. Let's take a moment to reflect on how some provocations from the Research Phase might lead to even more ideas on the challenge boards!

Image: OpenIDEO San Francisco Meetup Brainstorm for the Ideas Phase

On the OpenIDEO platform, we often discover new possibilities for ideas by building on each others inspirations. During the Research Phase, our global community not only identified what was inspiring them, but also introduced provocations for how those insights can grow into solutions. In the Ideas Phase, we’d love to keep the creative momentum going by taking those early provocations forward. That's why we revisited our community’s research contributions and identified some rich thought starters that are ripe for further iteration. Let’s see what ideas these thought starters might spark!

Community Thought Starters

Harness Unique NetworksSoFi Marketplace Lending

We often find support groups amongst people with unique commonalities - alumni groups, soccer clubs, immigrant communities, etc. How might these unique networks that we belong to be leveraged to support our financial needs?

Create Launchpads for LearningReplicating the SOLE Model

The Self-Organized Learning Environments empowered students in Dehli to teach themselves and their peers.  How might we build on these self-guided learning principles to rethink how financial education is taught in traditional classrooms?

Reimagine Community SpacesFinancial Literacy Street Plays

Public spaces set the stage for events where people can to come together to share experiences and exchange knowledge.  How might communities organize public educational events to make financial services more accessible ?

Fix What ExistsMaking Data Beautiful

The Australian SWEP program used visual storytelling to make water consumption more intuitive for the next generation of users. How might we apply this approach to make complex financial documents easier to navigate for people?

Change Our WaysMaking Decisions for our Future-Selves

Long-term financial planning is crucial, but it’s difficult to understand how our daily habits and short-term decisions will fit into the larger picture. How might we create new ways to empathize with the financial needs of our future-selves?

Circumvent the SystemEtsy Labs

In addition to being an online marketplace, Etsy has launched offline Labs with mentoring events to empower its community with new trading skills. How can marketplaces move beyond transactions and become centers for learning?

Community Voices

Tori Adele Signorelli is a freelance designer and writer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve been thrilled to see how Tori has been building on an insight that she gained from interviewing leaders at the Chaco Credit Union during the Research Phase. Her Grassroots Youth Campaign idea was inspired by the “Rock the Vote” example from the interview.  Let’s see how Tori has been been collaborating with her OpenIDEO team to push this idea forward.   

How have you been engaging with other OpenIDEO members to develop your idea?

New insights have been popping up every day like mushrooms, both in the comments section of the idea I posted and within other ideas on the forum. There is a huge wealth of talent and knowledge between the members. I try to connect with at least one person daily to keep the conversation rolling and gain new perspectives.

Tell us more about your plans to engage students in creating an early prototype of the Grassroots Youth Campaign.

Students are the key to this idea, so I want to get them engaged as early as possible. Right now I am working on a classroom kit that can be distributed to high schools and universities to better understand the student’s feelings around money, what motivates them to take action, what social media platforms they prefer, etc. We’ll the use that information to develop a messaging platform that is meaningful to our target generation.

Let's Look Ahead

As the Ideas Phase progresses let’s continue to build on the inspirations, provocations, and ideas of what our OpenIDEO community has shared on the platform. Often, a simple twist on something familiar can broaden the possibilities for new ideas to happen. To celebrate the merits of other collaborators, hit the Edit Contribution button and use the Inspired By feature to add the posts that have inspired you. This will help us all connect the dots between related contributions as our ideas continue to grow!

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