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ReFresh 03: Financial Empowerment Challenge Highlights – Community Resources

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One week into the Ideas Phase of the Financial Empowerment Challenge and we're off to a fantastic start. Let's see how our community has been building on the momentum of the research inspirations since the beginning of the Ideas Phase!

Image Contribution: OpenIDEO Chicago Meetup's Global Research Jam

Over the years, we've been inspired by how our OpenIDEO members have been applying elements of human-centered design to solve a broad range of social challenges on the platform. That's why we've recently created a Resources page of toolkits, assets, and references that have emerged from our community's working methods and collaboration styles. These references will be come in handy as we take a deep-dive into the Ideas Phase of the Financial Empowerment Challenge. Let's take a look at how our community have been making use of the resources available on the platform to jumpstart their ideas. 

Collaborative Resources

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Let's Get Visual – Whether it's a polished diagram, animated video or napkin sketch, visualizations can help bringing our ideas to life by making complex things simple. During the Research Phase of this challenge, we were delighted when Kyaw Tun Sein used an early sketch to explore how two solutions can be developed to empower a 19-year-old persona named Parvesh financially. The visual goodness of Kyaw's sketch was a great example of how visualizations can be used to engage an audience as ideas are fleshed out.

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Build a Virtual Team – In addition to the contributions on the platform, we're also keen on the ideas generated from offline conversations. The virtual Team feature enables our online community to work closely together throughout the challenge. A great example of collaboration that emerged in the Ideas Phase so far has been from the Financial Overview Kit team. Building on a rich conversation that began in the Research Phase, Andre Fernandes has been engaging with an international team of Ideators from Stockholm, Istanbul, North Carolina, and Colorado.

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Brainstorm in a Box – The downloadable Brainstorm in a Box toolkit is a fantastic resource for local community members who are keen on organizing in-person creative workshops. Since the beginning of the Ideas Phase, we've been thrilled to see this toolkit be used in ongoing brainstorm sessions from Ryan's History Classes and OpenIDEO Chicago Meetup's Global Research Jam. As the challenge progresses, we'll look forward to how these ideas from offline collaborations will continue to develop on the platform.

Let's Look Ahead

As we dive further into the Ideas Phase, let's start to unleash the visual goodness of our ideas, build out our Virtual Teams, and use the Brainstorm in a Box to engage with members of our local communities. For more human-centered tools and references to jumpstart the ideation process, checkout the Resources page at the top of the OpenIDEO platform. We'll look forward to seeing your brilliant ideas on the challenge board!

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